Dayton, Ohio Killer Had an Appetite for Meth, Video Games, Bernie Sanders, and Satan

Photo courtesy of pexels.com

Dayton, Ohio Killer Had an Appetite for Meth, Video Games, Bernie Sanders, and Satan

Details have emerged about the background of the killer in Dayton, Ohio, who fatally shot nine people, including his sister, and wounded 27 other people in the early hours of Aug. 4.

Ian Himes, the murderer’s former friend for five years, gave a portrait of his friend to the Daily Mail in London, including some chilling Satanic writings in a notebook the two men would sometimes share.

Himes said his friend was a frequent meth user, enjoyed playing first person shooter games like CALL OF DUTY, liked Bernie Sanders rather than Hillary Clinton, and struggled building relationships with females. The scrawls in Himes’ notebook, composed around 2017, included dark drawings of murder and mayhem, along with statements like “Hail Lucifer Light Bringer,” “I am the servant of the serpent, evil incarnate,” and “Strike fear into the hearts of the Children of God; show them the Hell that awaits below.”

Mental illness is the only reason he can give for his friend’s final actions, said Himes, who stopped seeing his friend last summer in 2018.

“I know [his] parents are good people,” he added. “They did their best to help him, but they couldn’t understand him; they couldn’t make him listen. He had a family therapist, but it didn’t seem to help. Ultimately, [he] slipped through the cracks. Maybe the notebooks hinted at what he was about to do, but you just cannot anticipate a person doing this. Whatever was inside him, he just finally let it take hold of him. He lost the struggle with himself.”

Clearly, though, fooling around with Satanism or the occult is never a good idea. Then, adding drugs, violent video games and radical politics is like pouring gasoline on the flame.

Sources:  Daily Mail, 08/08/19.