Dean Cain Gets Ready For Premiere Of Faith-Based Movie SUCCESS CAMP

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Dean Cain Gets Ready For Premiere Of Faith-Based Movie SUCCESS CAMP

By Movieguide® Contributor

Dean Cain is heading to Jacksonville, Florida for his next movie premiere!

The SUPERMAN actor will host the worldwide premiere for SUCCESS CAMP at Parkwood Baptist Church in Jacksonville. 

SUCCESS CAMP, which Cain also stars in, was filmed last year. It follows a crew of teenages who’s lives change after attending a real Jacksonville-area camp. 

The camp was created by NFL player Glenn Ellison along with The Parent Help Center. The Center helps parents who are struggling with their children’s behavioral problems and strengthens family bonds. 

“Parenting skills are the most important factor in maintaining order and peace in North Florida,“ Ellison explained. “When parents lead and guide their families with love, compassion, respect and discipline, children have a strong foundation from which to develop into law-abiding, responsible citizens. Parenting is not easy, but it is vitally important. With good parenting, problem behaviors that can lead to crime can often be prevented before they begin.”

SUCCESS CAMP was produced by JCFilms Studios, a studio that makes family and faith-based content. 

“JCFilms Studios is telling stories that may never be told,” Cain said of the movie. “SUCCESS CAMP is one of those stories. I appreciate what Glenn is doing and that is why I wanted to be part of this movie.”

Movieguide® previously reported on another one of Cain’s upcoming projects:

Dean Cain recently helped one 12 year-old girl’s dreams come true with his newest project, HOPE!

Ellie Mae Smith first met Cain one the set of MIRACLE AT MANCHESTER. The pair struck up a conversation, where Smith shared her idea for a movie. 

“It’s about a little girl named Hope who is diagnosed with a rare blood disease. The family’s faith is tested as they all fight for answers to keep her alive,” Smith said of her movie. 

Cain was intrigued and read the script, then contacted the President of JC Films, Jason Campbell.

“Jason contacted me. He wanted me to write more. I ended up with a 75-page, full-feature film,” Smith said. 

The project was quickly green-lit, and Smith is now set to star in HOPE! alongside Cain. 

Filming will start later this month in Florida, and Smith is so excited that her “dreams are coming true.”

This isn’t the only project she’s working on with the SUPERMAN actor — the pair will also work together on FILM CAMP, a movie made with and by Cain’s Summer Film Camp.

“The summer camp is for young people to experience all aspects of Christian filmmaking while being in an actual movie,” she explained. 

All the campers will be cast in the movie, which will follow a group of underdog teens who go to summer camp and develop their talents and passions for making movies. 

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