Dennis Quaid and Jimmy Gonzales Discuss Faith and Redemption in BLUE MIRACLE

Dennis Quaid and Jimmy Gonzales Discuss Faith and Redemption in BLUE MIRACLE

By Movieguide® Staff

Hollywood veteran Dennis Quaid and Jimmy Gonzales star alongside one another in the new faith-based movie on Netflix, BLUE MIRACLE. 

The two protagonists portray real-life characters Wade and Omar in the inspiring true story about how an “orphanage, a guardian (Gonzales) and his kids partner with a washed-up boat captain (Quaid) for a chance to win a lucrative fishing competition.”

Both characters experience encounters with their faith as they are thrown into a competition that is bigger than themselves. 

“I love that. I think that it also tested his faith,” Gonzales said of his character Omar. “He was leaning into a lot of these parts of his faith as a cover. And in terms of really getting out there and putting the faith to test, Captain Wade (Quaid) shows him that you got to try; you got to work hard. That was a big part of the appeal for the project for me.”

Quaid noted how his character comes to discover humility and is used by God as a result. 

“At the beginning of the film, he’s really kind of a jaded character,” Quaid told Movieguide®. “He’s ego driven, puts burdens on all the wrong things, he thinks he’s out there winning trophies for his son who is back in Dallas, but it’s really for himself, and he gets these orphans foisted upon him, who are going to be out on the streets and lose their homes. And I think he winds up really learning humility, which is really when God’s miracles happened. And it’s like a person who’s looking for redemption and he doesn’t even know it.”

“The movie has a ‘bad-news-bears’ aspect to it, but it comes out as very charming. And then the story, it’s true. I still can’t believe that this story is true,” Quaid added. 

For Gonzales, the story reflected some of his own life experiences.  

“Omar had a very similar background. He grew up on the streets and he was an orphan himself. And so when I found out about that, I was blown away. But I didn’t know about it until after I read the script. And I hadn’t read the script until after I got the job, really,” Gonzales said. 

“What Omar did was he took something that was extremely painful and extremely difficult and he turned it into something positive and great,” Gonzales continued. “And he got challenged in this particular intersection of the story of his life and he was able to evolve and grow and persevere. And that’s been my story in many, in many ways. I took something that had occurred to my family and was really scary, and it’s been the biggest blessing and the biggest gift, truly the biggest gift of my life. So I was able to connect those.”

One of the central themes of the movie comes from Captain Wade’s relationship with the orphans as they face the ocean together. 

“Kids are always busting you,” Quaid laughed. “I think I’ve learned more from my own kids than they’ve learned for me to tell you the truth.”

Quaid added: “Kids really see through people in a way that they can really recognize authenticity very quickly.”

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A portion of the Movieguide®’s review of BLUE MIRACLE reads

BLUE MIRACLE is a wonderful drama on Netflix. Omar is on the brink of losing the beloved all-boys orphanage in Cabo, Mexico that he and his wife, Becca, run. He enters a fishing competition with a fisherman named Wade. Omar and Wade are paired up in the competition by the man running it, even though they aren’t happy about it. Wade has won the competition twice, but now is a grumpy, jaded fisherman who doesn’t want to deal with Omar’s orphan boys. Will the boys get along on the boat? Will they catch the biggest blue marlin, win the competition and save the orphanage?

BLUE MIRACLE is a wonderful, heartwarming Christian movie that’s extremely entertaining, inspiring and morally uplifting. The movie is very well scripted. Every scene has heartrending jeopardy but also gives viewers several laugh. BLUE MIRACLE has very heartfelt moments showing that loving others is what God calls us to do. At the same time, the movie is well acted and very believable. BLUE MIRACLE has some heavy themes, but it can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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