Dierks Bentley Reveals Why He Turns Down Acting Roles: ‘I Love What I Do’

Photo from Dierks Bentley’s Instagram

Dierks Bentley Reveals Why He Turns Down Acting Roles: ‘I Love What I Do’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Country star Dierks Bentley recently revealed why he doesn’t think he will ever pursue a career in acting.

Bentley shared that, even though he’s been asked to act in TV shows and appear on reality programs, he’s happy just being a musician. 

“I don’t think I’d be good enough to be doing those things,” Bentley said of any acting opportunities. “It requires, like, more time away from home and I just, I don’t want to. I had a chance to audition for Larry David and I decided not to do it. Because again, I’m like, ‘Oh, if I get it, I don’t really want to go to L.A.’” 

“I got a great gig,” the singer continued. “I love what I do.”

Bentley might not be ready for California, but he did recently spend time living in Colorado during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though he was content to stay there, his family convinced him to return to Nashville. 

“I moved about 10 minutes closer to town than I was before,” he said of the move. “It’s a regular neighborhood. We’ve got kids coming in and out of the house and you can just park on the street. It’s just been great for my kids, great for our family, and great for my mental health.”

Bentley continued, “Coming back to Nashville, it was like I had to either lean in or move out. So now, I just lean into it. The city’s crazy. It’s growing out of control, and I could sit here and complain about it, or I can just lean into it and embrace some of the cool things that are happening.”

That idea of embracing change is something Bentley is also bringing to his musical career. 

“I’ve tried to change and grow and get better at what I’m doing, but at the end of the day, I’m still the same guy I’ve always been, making music that feels good to me,” he concluded. “I’ve got nothing to lose.”

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