Disney’s FAIRY TALE WEDDINGS Has a Few Flaws for Families

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Disney’s FAIRY TALE WEDDINGS Has a Few Flaws for Families

By Jenny Frye, Contributing Writer

Disney’s FAIRY TALE WEDDINGS is a Disney plus original that brings the “fairy tale magic” to relationships.

So far, the show has released two seasons that showcase happy couples who are getting engaged, married, or renewing their vows. In each episode, two couples are the primary focus. One couple is engaged and planning a “Disney” wedding, while the other couple is planning an extravagant proposal. It is also revealed where the couple met, when they started dating, how long they have been together, and introduces the audience to their families.

However, one episode features a homosexual couple, so parents may want to skip that episode.

In one episode a man orchestrates a flash mob at Disneyland for his girlfriend. He proposes to her and she says yes. In the same episode, an engaged couple decides to have a traditional Italian wedding in the Italy section of Epcot. Another episode shows a man proposing to his girlfriend in a reef at the Aulani resort in Hawaii. Each episode is heartfelt as these couples express the love and gratitude that they have for one another.

Overall, Disney’s FAIRY TALE WEDDINGS is very entertaining. There are many couples from around the world with different background and ages. All of their families come out to support them, and there are very sweet moments shared between the couples and their families. Some cautions include that some couples live together before marriage and have children from premarital relationships. Another caution is that some of these couples practice false religions.

While the show is very creative with incorporating movie themes in the weddings and proposals, but not all of these movies are considered safe for families.

Furthermore, there are some obscenities throughout the show, with use of the “D” word.

While most episodes are appropriate for children, parents will want to practice media discernment, as some episodes have flaws that are not acceptable for families.


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