Disney’s TANGLED SERIES Highlights the Importance of Community

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Disney’s TANGLED SERIES Highlights the Importance of Community

By Jenny Frye, Contributing Writer

*Editor’s Note: This article summarizes the first 10 episodes of season 3 of the TANGLED SERIES

Disney’s TANGLED SERIES is based on the popular kids’ movie TANGLED, about a young girl named Rapunzel, who discovers that she is a princess of Ā Corona.

In the TANGLED SERIES, Rapunzel helps run Corona with her boyfriend, Eugene, and has many adventures along the way.

The TANGLED SERIES is rated TV-Y7 and can be found on the streaming service Disney+. The series is appealing to children and serves in the genre of comedy, adventure, fantasy, and kids.

The third season follows Rapunzel and Eugene as they go on many wild adventures in the kingdom of Corona that lead them to meet new friends and learn new lessons. There are a few overarching themes in the series such as forgiveness, love and that good outweighs evil. However, the most prominent message is to uplift your community and to not leave your friends behind.


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For example, in episode 3, Rapunzel and Eugene escape from bad guys who held Eugeneā€™s father captive.

However, when Rapunzel and Eugene are running away from the bad guys, the couple saves the villains from being hurt when a river log jam approaches.

Additionally, Rapunzel saves a little girl who turned into a werewolf by showing the child love and affection. There is a persistent theme to show love and forgiveness to other people. Additionally, in three different episodes, Rapunzel saves Corona from peril whether it be curses or villains.

The positive messages in the series shine through and are prominent in the first 10 episodes. However, there are some questionable elements when it comes to violence and the use of magic.

In almost every episode, there is a fight scene with weapons like knives or swords, or fist fights. For a childrenā€™s show, there is an excessive amount of fighting and violence.

Moreover, there is also some use of magic pertaining to Rapunzelā€™s magical hair, curses, time traveling, and magical serums. Lastly, some children may find the fictional creatures like dragons, werewolves, or (walking) skeletons to be frightening.

Although, the TANGLED SERIES includes scenes that overindulge in violence and magical elements, the message of the show is pure and wholesome. Rapunzel tries to be a good leader and friend to those around her. She never leaves her friends (and even enemies) behind and makes sure that her kingdom is thriving and in good hands. Fans of the TANGLED movie, will most likely enjoy the TANGLED SERIES.


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