Dolly Parton Celebrates 77th Birthday With New Spiritual Song: ‘It’s Special To Me’

Photo from Dolly Parton’s Instagram

Dolly Parton Celebrates 77th Birthday With New Spiritual Song: ‘It’s Special To Me’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Dolly Parton celebrated her last birthday with a new song, “Don’t Make Me Have To Come Down There,” that she says was sent to her by God in a dream.

“It’s a song that came to me in a dream and I felt like it was worth putting out there,” the singer said in an Instagram video about the creation of the track “Something special. Well, it’s special to me.”

“I got up, I started writing this song over a period of weeks, months,” Parton continued. “I finished it as things would come to me, and I just felt like I should drop it on my birthday. So, I hope you enjoy it.”

“Don’t Make Me Have To Come Down There” was released on January 19, Parton’s 77th birthday. 

The lyrics detail how Parton received the song in her dreams, stating:

Last night I had a dream about God/ He was standing on a mountain top/ Looking down, around in such dismay/ And in my dream, I heard Him say/ Don’t make me have to come down there/ My children, you had best beware/ If you don’t pay attention, consequences will be dire/ Don’t make me have to come down there.

Parton often talks about her faith and makes sure to infuse it into her work as a singer, songwriter, actress, producer, and humanitarian. Movieguide® previously reported:

The 73-year-old country singer Dolly Parton is an iconic artist who continues to pursue her faith and career.  

Aside from her long and award-winning music career, Parton is also known for TV and movies like her Netflix show DOLLY PARTON’S HEARTSTRINGS or CHRISTMAS ON THE SQUARE, for which she won Movieguide®’s Grace Prize®.  The “These Old Bones” episode of DOLLY PARTON’S HEARTSTRINGS won Movieguide®’s Faith and Freedom® Award for Television. 

Parton is candid about her faith in God and said that she knew to follow God’s plan for her life from a young age. 

“My grandpa was a Pentecostal preacher. So healing and praying and being anointed and all that stuff was nothing new to us, cause we survived because of our faith in God,” Parton said.

Parton recalled an older woman praying over her in her childhood church. 

“She said I was anointed and [that] I was going to do great things,” Parton remembered. “Mama said…that just means that God has his hand on you, that you may do something special.” 

“But that triggered a faith in me, because I believe that I was supposed to do something good…I never let go of that because I always felt responsible to God that I was supposed to be doing something for God. And so I still feel like that. And I’m still doing it. Trying to,” she added.  

Despite Parton’s fame and awards in almost every area of entertainment, she held on to her faith in God.  

“I really feel like I have a calling,” Parton said. “I feel like God had told me early on in a feeling that I was supposed to go till He told me to stop and He [hasn’t] said nothing yet about quitting. And so I ain’t said nothing about retiring yet.”

Parton also lives out her faith in prayer. 

“Every day I pray for God to lead me and to take out all the wrong things, wrong people in my life, bring all the right things, right people in, and to let me glorify Him and uplift mankind,” Parton said. “Let me be a light, and a vessel to be used…I just really want to do what I can in this world to make things better, if I can.”

Parton added: “There’s something bigger and better than us and we need to connect to that to make us better people. And the more you can draw from that, the better off you are, not just for yourself, but for all the things from people that you can touch by believing that.”

Listen to “Don’t Make Me Have To Come Down There” here.

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