Dr. Baehr Discusses Today’s Issues with Glenn Beck at Recent Education Conference

The Constitutional Coalition recently sponsored the innovative Educational Policy Conference in St. Louis. Many gathered to hear from conservative cultural leaders, including Dr. Ted Baehr and popular Fox News host Glenn Beck.

Dr. Baehr met briefly with Glenn and discussed the issues of the day, as you can see by the accompanying photo.

The Conference was convened with the title “What Makes America Work?”

Dr. Baehr, founder and publisher of MOVIEGUIDE® and chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission® ministry, spoke on “Faulty Reasoning, Film, Michael Moore, and Economics,” pointing out the inherent fallacies to the Marxist, socialist arguments made by controversial, radical filmmaker Michael Moore in his recent low-budget movie, CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY.

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Dr. Baehr is a sought after speaker around the world and is available for your event. For more information, please click HERE