Erin Krakow Knows How You Feel About Her WHEN CALLS THE HEART Love Triangle

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Erin Krakow Knows How You Feel About Her WHEN CALLS THE HEART Love Triangle

By Movieguide® Staff

Lucas or Nathan? That’s the question that’s plagued Hearties for more than a season as heroine Elizabeth, played by Erin Krakow, debates her romantic choices after the death of her husband, Jack.

And if it seems like the triangle drama has dragged on a little too long, Krakow knows WHEN CALLS THE HEART fans are impatient. Even she is ready for Elizabeth to pick a suitor, according to Good Housekeeping.

But as a reminder for herself and fans, “Remember just how challenging her journey has been, how emotional it was for her to lose Jack. Try to reframe your support of one gentleman caller over the other into support for Elizabeth and her journey to find love again,” Krakow said.

“This also isn’t a situation where only one guy gets the girl and the other one leaves town. We are so lucky to have both Kevin McGarry [plays Nathan] and Chris McNally [plays Lucas] on the show and intend to keep both of them, assuming that we get to have future seasons,” Krakow said.

McGarry agrees that he’s also ready to see Elizabeth pick her man.

“I think it’s time,” McGarry said. “I think that the relationship between Elizabeth and Jack was so special that it wouldn’t make sense to jump to another suitor so quickly. She needed a season to mourn, a season to grow, and now a season to open herself up again. And you never know what might happen in the future. I think the show’s proven that anything can happen in Hope Valley.”

McNally also weighed in on the controversy.

“It’s great to be a part of a show with such a passionate following! In terms of Team Lucas fans, I read a LOT of comments about how Nathan is too tall, too handsome, too empathetic and sensitive…all these great things, and at the end of the day it’s just too much to handle, so Elizabeth should go with Lucas instead. I’m kidding — though Nathan is certainly those things — but I do see Team Lucas support voicing how he’s adventurous, spontaneous, affectionate, and how he appreciates Elizabeth more than anything in the world, which I feel is very true,” McNally said.

Ultimately, Krakow says, “I’m Team Nathan because I think he really listens, he has experience as a parent, he’s gonna understand on a personal level what it’s like for Elizabeth to be fearful about him being a Mountie, kind of a double-edged sword there, and he’s very handsome and funny and the list goes on.”

However, “I’m Team Lucas because also handsome and funny, he is a new energy for Elizabeth and he’s, I guess a little bit more of a bad boy, that’s kind of exciting, and he’s still good with a kid although less experienced and he’s very generous. My goodness, he made her a library. Did I mention they’re both handsome and funny?!”

Welp, that gets us absolutely nowhere. Much like the season so far. Who do you think Elizabeth will choose?