Erwin Bros Excited to Begin Production On Next Big Movies

Andy Erwin, Movieguide® photo

Erwin Bros Excited to Begin Production On Next Big Movies

Interview by Evy Baehr Carroll, Movieguide® TV Host; Copy by Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

Jon and Andy Erwin, popularly known as the Erwin Brothers, are excited to begin production on some new big projects as soon as virus restrictions lift.

“The one that Jon and I are directing next is AMERICAN UNDERDOG,” Andy told Movieguide®.

“It’s the Kurt Warner story, and it’s going to be the biggest budget we’ve ever had for a film, and we get to go back to football, so we’re so excited about it,” Andy said. “It’s just such a beautiful story about a man fighting for his dream, but finding out that his real worth is the man he is for his family. He fights for this family and a single mom that he marries, she has special needs kid.

“He said, ‘I realized if I’m going to do this, that there’s a bigger purpose, I’m going to fight for this family,'” Andy summarized. “He goes from working in the supermarket to making it to the Super Bowl, and it’s just a gorgeous story.”

The Erwin Brothers are known for their movies I STILL BELIEVE, I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, WOODLAWN and MOMS’ NIGHT OUT, among others.

The Erwins are also producing JESUS REVOLUTION about a young Greg Laurie.

Jon Gunn, who directed THE CASE FOR CHRIST, will direct JESUS REVOLUTION, as well.

“I’d been a fan of [Gunn’s] for a long time when I saw THE CASE FOR CHRIST,” Andy said. “I just finished WOODLAWN, and I called him and I said, ‘I just watched the greatest faith film made, and that includes anything I’ve ever done.’

“I’ve been a fan since then, and he’s got the reins of that one. He’s got a script. He’s got a cast that’s coming together. That is going to be a great cast,” Andy said.

In addition to these biopics, the Erwins have another American Icon movie in the works about Johnny Cash.

“We’re ready to get back to work as soon as they say go for it,” Andy said.

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