Even Babies Know the Difference Between Good and Evil

According to a group of psychologists, children by age six months have developed a sense of moral code and can tell the difference between good and evil. Rather than the belief that morals come from our upbringing, the findings suggest that the moral code is hardwired into our brains at birth.


Professor Paul Bloom, psychologist at Yale University in Connecticut says, “A growing body of evidence suggests that humans do have a rudimentary moral sense from the very start of life.”


These findings fit in with other scientific studies showing that human beings are conceived and born with an inherent linguistic ability/structure and an inherent ability to do math.


All of these findings support Ethical Monotheism, the philosophy that there is one God, who is personal and rational and who created all things, including the incredible complexity of life. As such, they also refute the theory of naturalistic evolution.


– Source:  Daily Mail, 05/10/10.

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