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EXCLUSIVE: GILMORE GIRLS’ Scott Patterson on Family, Business, Music

Photo by Movieguide®

EXCLUSIVE: GILMORE GIRLS’ Scott Patterson on Family, Business, Music

By Katherine Harrington, Contributing writer

It’s midafternoon on a hot summer day on the Warner Brothers lot. Sitting in Luke’s Diner in the fictitious Connecticut-town, Stars Hollow, Scott Patterson, who plays Luke in GILMORE GIRLS, fondly spoke about how his son changed him as an actor and a man.

“I mean, the love I feel for him is this love I’ve never felt before,” Patterson said. “There’s also this fear, this anxiety that comes along with it because you want them to be safe. And, then, am I doing the right thing? Am I teaching him the right things? Am I responding in a way that’s going to be beneficial for him? In his life? Am I setting the right example? You know, there’s all that stuff. But, every single day is a joy, it really is.”

Patterson continued to talk about how his character on the show refused to start a chain of his restaurant because of his fierce loyalty to his family.

“The diner is connected to his father. It’s connected with his childhood. That’s all he wants. Because this supports his dream of being. That’s it. For him, it’s not any more complex than he’s happy here. He’s in control. He’s got his love, his life.’

Patterson continued to speak about how he wanted this familial love to be at the center of his new coffee brand, Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee.

Patterson attributes this dream to his mother.

Photo by Movieguide®

“We would sit around and talk about my future in my life and what it was going to become with my mother. I was very close with my mother, and we would drink coffee. …I was 12 or 13 years old, and kids … wanted to be adults, … so we drank coffee; we adopted all the habits that my parents did.

“A lot of memories from growing up and all the great advice that I got from my mom was from sitting around our tiny little kitchen table and drinking tons of coffee. So, this coffee company has so much to do with her, she passed away in 2008. You know I wanted to honor her, and remember her, have my own son watch me building up a company,” Patterson said.

Patterson also opened up about his band and love for creating heartfelt music.

“I watched a video of our last show when we did our 2017 coffeehouse tour. It was in Cincinnati, Ohio, and it was the 27th show. The video of some songs are really good. I thought those songs are really good, they’re simple, and they’re heartfelt. Why did I think I couldn’t sing them? So, I called my assistant who was on tour with us, who helped put together pretty much the tour.”

What genre of music does Patterson play?

“We’re going to do an acoustic kind of effect, because I have these melodic, prettier songs. I think those are more age-appropriate. People want to hear those songs. I sing them. I didn’t think I could sing them.”

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