FAMILY REUNION’s Jaida Benjamin Found After Reported ‘Missing’ in Los Angeles Area

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FAMILY REUNION’s Jaida Benjamin Found After Reported ‘Missing’ in Los Angeles Area

By Movieguide® Staff

After several days missing, police confirmed that actress Jaida Benjamin was found safe in Los Angeles.

“She was located this morning at Colfax Avenue and Ventura Boulevard. She’s been located and her family has been notified,” a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department said.

Benjamin’s family previously reported that the FAMILY REUNION star went missing on Feb. 19.

“Never thought I’d ever have to make this type of post. My baby is missing please help me find her. I can’t breathe,” Jocinda Benjamin, the mother of the 27-year-old actress, wrote.

Benjamin played Kelly in the Netflix series FAMILY REUNION, which was nominated for a Movieguide® Award in 2020.

A portion of Movieguide®’s review reads:

FAMILY REUNION is an excellent family sitcom with positive faith and values on Netflix. It’s about a professional football player who retires and moves his family from Seattle back to their hometown of Columbus, Georgia, where his mother and his father, a pastor, live. In the episode “Remember When Daddy Came Home?,” the program’s 13th episode, a family discussion about baptism with Grandpa and Grandma convinces Ami, the youngest member of the son’s family, to get baptized. However, Ami’s father must help her get over her fear of water.

“Remember When Daddy Came Home?” has many good, clean laughs. For example, little Ami’s fear of water causes her to splash water on Grandma’s new hairdo, and Ami’s parents have a funny argument about who upsets the husband’s religious parents more. Even better, the episode ends with a happy, touching baptism scene where Ami’s father rediscovers his lost faith and gets baptized with his daughter. It also contains positive references to Jesus and the Holy Trinity. The “Remember When Daddy Came Home?” episode of FAMILY REUNION is a great evangelistic program full of Christian faith and values.

Benjamin also appeared in several television shows including Disney Channel’s AUSTIN & ALLY and LIV & MADDY.