FAST & FURIOUS Star Lucas Black Talks Faith, Family and Hollywood: ‘We Look to [God] for Answers’

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FAST & FURIOUS Star Lucas Black Talks Faith, Family and Hollywood: ‘We Look to [God] for Answers’

By Movieguide® Staff

Actor Lucas Black, best known for his role in FAST & FURIOUS and NCIS, recently opened up about how he fought for truth in a hostile Hollywood landscape.

The Christian actor left the popular show NCIS: NEW ORLEANS in 2019 after he felt like they attacked what he believed.

“The Holy Spirit was nudging me to speak up at some of the things that were trying to be implemented on the show, to really fight for what is true,” Black said on a recent episode of THE PRODIGAL STORIES PODCAST. “Some of the Hollywood agendas, the attack on the family or the attack on law enforcement … to really step up and try to be a voice to really fight against that agenda.”

“That’s kind of my journey; it’s been great,” Black said of his 2015 rededication to faith. “In ‘New Orleans,’ I felt like God moved in a big way, not only in my life but in my wife’s life as well and our whole family. So, you know, we just look to Him for answers and we just seek Him whenever we need help and just thank Him for how He’s carried us through our lives.”

More recently, Black turned his acting talents to faith-based movies, like his recent family-friendly adventure movie, LEGACY PEAK.

A portion of Movieguide®’s review of LEGACY PEAK reads:

LEGACY PEAK is a well-shot, well-acted movie. Despite pacing issues, the movie’s intensity ramps up during the second half, and viewers will become more involved in the story and characters. LEGACY PEAK has a strong Christian, moral worldview. It champions God, prayer, faith, Scripture, and fatherhood. On several occasions, Jason relies on strength from God to keep the children safe. MOVIEGUIDE® advises light caution for sensitive younger viewers because of intense peril and the violent struggle with scary wolves in LEGACY PEAK.

Despite his issue with Hollywood’s attack on Biblical values, he said it is vital to create content that champions faith, freedom and family.

“There’s a definite agenda to attack some of my beliefs and, you know, some of your beliefs as a Christian,” Black said. “I learned a lot about people’s hearts, where they were coming from.”

“I hope it points people to Jesus, first of all,” Black said of LEGACY PEAK. “I think my character, Jason, what’s great about him is he relies on his Heavenly Father so much. He’s stepping into a fatherhood role that he’s unfamiliar with and he may not have all the answers and, so, he calls on God.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Black’s role in LEGACY PEAK and the connection that his faith has with the message of the movie:

Black said that LEGACY PEAK also provides a Christian movie that would appeal to fathers in a specific way.

“I feel like there’s a need and people are really wanting good content that really speaks and highlights family values,” Black told Movieguide®. “This is a movie, it’s made for kids, but it’s one the whole family can really sit down and watch. What I want is for the men to really come away feeling empowered, and feeling like, ‘Hey, this story put us in a good light. It showed the masculine qualities that God has given us to provide and to protect the innocent.'”

“I think as fathers or parents, we have a responsibility to protect our children’s innocence, and that can be tough,” Black continued. “That can be tough these days.”

Black said that his three children, ages 11, 9, and 7, have already been exposed to the world’s definition of marriage, family, sex, and love; and it is up to their father and mother to teach them to view those things with a foundation in God’s word.

“I feel like all of my children, they know a lot more about the ‘why’ behind what we do way earlier than I did,” he said. “That’s kind of the culture we live in. As parents, we have really focused on being vocal and trying to teach our kids those things, what the Bible says, a biblical worldview a lot earlier, because we know that that is being attacked.”

“That has been attacked in our country, it’s been attacked in our culture, and so they’re gonna hear deceptive messages out there,” Black added. “We have to point them in the direction of truth at an earlier age. We can’t take that for granted.”


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