"Trust in the Perfect Father"



What You Need To Know:

LEGACY PEAK is an adventure movie streaming on PureFlix. FAST & FURIOUS actor Lucas Black plays Jason, who wants to bond with his girlfriend’s two children before he proposes on Christmas Eve. He plans to fly the children, Ben and his older sister Sam, to their grandparents while his girlfriend finishes up work before the holidays. However, after going off-course, a flock of birds hits the plane, and Jason, Ben and Sam are stranded in the wild. Will they be able to band together and survive? Or will the emotional tensions, packs of wolves, and extreme weather get the better of them?

LEGACY PEAK is a well-shot, well-acted movie. Despite pacing issues, the movie’s intensity ramps up during the second half, and viewers will become more involved in the story and characters. LEGACY PEAK has a strong Christian, moral worldview. It champions God, prayer, faith, Scripture, and fatherhood. On several occasions, Jason relies on strength from God to keep the children safe. MOVIEGUIDE® advises light caution for sensitive younger viewers because of intense peril and the violent struggle with scary wolves in LEGACY PEAK.


(CCC, BBB, L, VV, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong Christian, moral, biblical worldview with many Christian elements, hero prays to God several times throughout the movie, hero says that despite his difficult past that his life changed when he came to know the Lord, hero’s knife (a gift from his late father) has a Bible verse inscribed on it, in hero’s final moving speech he quotes Scripture, the movie is very pro-fatherhood and explores how God is our perfect father, even when our circumstances are bad

Foul Language:
No obscenities or profanities, one use of “crap”, a use of “Oh my gosh”, and some minor name-calling like “idiot

Although there’s no blood, an intense and violent scene occurs where man defends children against an attacking wolf, one wolf is killed by falling boulders, one is stabbed and killed after biting a man’s arm, another wolf is killed after a man shoots it with a gun (though these scenes are intense, they aren’t graphic, but the wolves do let out a whimper when they die which could upset some viewers), a boy scratches his hand in a plane crash, a girl falls into freezing water and almost catches hypothermia

No sex

No nudity

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs;

Miscellaneous Immorality:
There are several conversations about the death of parents, foster care, and absent parents, but these situations are redeemed when God is mentioned as the ultimate example of fatherhood.

More Detail:

LEGACY PEAK is a new Affirm Original adventure movie streaming on Pure Flix, about a man who wants to bond with his girlfriend’s children before he proposes on Christmas Eve, but, when their plane crashes in the wilderness on the way to a cabin, Jason must protect his future children from looming dangers in the wild. LEGACY PEAK is a well-made movie, with a great performance by FAST & FURIOUS actor Lucas Black, an exciting second half, and a strong Christian, moral worldview that champions God, prayer, faith, Scripture, and fatherhood.

The movie follows Jason, played by Black, as he preps for a Christmas with his girlfriend’s two children, Ben and Sam, and her parents in a remote cabin. Jason is excited for the opportunity to bond with Ben and Sam and buys them an array of gifts. He also plans, with her father’s blessing, to propose to his girlfriend while on the trip. Jason plans to fly out early with Ben and Sam, especially since Ben is excited to fly, and meet up with the children’s mother at the cabin in a few days.

Despite Ben’s excitement, Sam can’t help but think that Jason is only there to gain “brownie points” with their mom. Sam also can’t help but compare Jason to their previous father, whom both children loved.

The unlikely trio set off on the three-hour plane ride, where Jason points out several landmarks, including Legacy Peak, a giant mountain in the heart of the wilderness. Ben asks Jason if they can get closer to the mountain. At first, Jason is uncertain that going off of the flight path is a bad idea, but in an effort to bond with Ben, they fly closer to the mountain.

Their amazing views are interrupted when their plane is struck by a flock of birds, forcing Jason to make an emergency landing. Thankfully, there’s a clearing that allows for a safe landing. Aside from a few scratches, they are all safe. However, Jason realizes that their problems have only just begun. The plane is inoperable, and they are on a three-day hike from the cabin.

After some deliberation, Jason forms a plan to hike across the wild territory to the cabin with Ben and Sam. At first the journey is exciting. However, Jason quickly realizes it will take more than gifts for Sam to warm up to him. When Sam discovers the ring, her skepticism turns to anger. But, with a pack of wolves hot on their trail, a storm rising, and a lack of food and shelter, Jason, Sam and Ben must find a way to work together if they want to survive.

LEGACY PEAK is a well-filmed, well-acted movie. Despite some pacing issues, by the end of the movie, the intensity ramps up, and the audience becomes more fully and easily invested in the characters. Lucas Black gives a great performance as Jason, which elevates the already good performances from his co-stars.

The most commendable thing about LEGACY PEAK, however, is its strong Christian, moral worldview that champions God, prayer, faith, Scripture, and fatherhood. Jason recites verses and prays throughout the movie. Though he isn’t perfect and must learn how to parent in some stressful conditions, he relies on God and sacrifices himself for the safety of the children. Due to some intense scenes of peril, including a non-bloody fight with wolves, MOVIEGUIDE® advises light caution for more sensitive younger viewers.