FIND ME IN PARIS is Mostly Family-Friendly with a Few Cautions

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FIND ME IN PARIS is Mostly Family-Friendly with a Few Cautions

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

A Hulu original series, FIND ME IN PARIS, follows Lena Grisky, a young ballerina training at the Paris Opera Ballet in 1905. Lena’s boyfriend, Henri, gives her a magical necklace, not knowing that it’s going to transport her to 2018.

Two seasons are available on Hulu right now. This article evaluates the first season only.

Lena gets stuck in the 21st century with no way home. All she can do is try to blend in with her new classmates at the present-day Paris Opera Ballet school, while trying to dodge the time collectors, a group of young men trying to kidnap Lena and her timepiece necklace.

FIND ME IN PARIS is rated TV-Y7 and has no foul language, violence, nudity or sex.

Some characters do share kisses because they’re dating, but nothing overly passionate.

The show extols friendship, hard work and helping others. Lena also teaches her classmates that people today have forgotten how to communicate face to face and rely too much on social media and technology. Lena also loves to bring her friends together and share meals with them around the table, a biblical practice.

All of the characters learn through the first season that each action they take has a consequence, whether it is good or bad. None of the characters get away with breaking any rules without consequences.

FIND ME IN PARIS does have a few things parents should watch out for, though.

Lena isn’t truthful about the fact she’s from 1905, and only one of her classmates knows the truth. Lena lies throughout the first season to protect herself. However, it looks like that lie will come to light in season two.

Blackmail and greed are also featured, as well as two dysfunctional relationships between a parent and a child.

However, all of these aspects are resolved by the end of season one.

Lena and another character also go back and forth in competition and sometimes it gets a bit heated, however both characters apologize and find ways to get along even though they don’t particularly like one another.

There’s a reference to one of the main characters being homosexual. But, it’s not a main storyline and is only mentioned in one episode.

Finally, both girls and guys wear ballet clothing and some parents might find the clothing too revealing.

Overall, FIND ME IN PARIS has many lessons that children will see played out. The show extolls friendship and working hard and shows children that bad behavior isn’t rewarded. With only minor cautions, parents should watch before deciding if the show is right for their family.

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