Former BACHELOR Star Ben Higgins Shares How Faith Helps Guide His Relationship

Photo courtesy of Jess Clarke Instagram

Former BACHELOR Star Ben Higgins Shares How Faith Helps Guide His Relationship

By Allyson Vannatta, Staff Writer

Former BACHELOR Ben Higgins got candid about his girlfriend Jess Clarke and how the two use their faith to navigate a long-distance relationship.

Higgins, who lives in Denver, Colorado, and Clarke, who resides in Nashville, Tennessee, are OK with living in different cities as of now. However, they’ve set a timeline for when they will be moving closer to one another.

Higgins told US Weekly,

“Jess is really wise, and so she wants to make sure that we’re taking the right steps at the right time. So before she really moved to Denver, we need to be engaged. And I think that’s smart. I think that’s wise. And so those are steps that we’re talking about and figuring out how we can best do that.”

Higgins added, “We’ve lived apart based on our own moral and personal choices and history of what we’ve done in relationships, what’s worked and what hasn’t.”

The couple usually talks on the phone twice a day to keep their relationship in a healthy spot.

“Long-distance has its benefits because it forces us to be intentional with our time,” said Higgins.

These long phone chats gave the couple a chance to cover their commonalities, which is a commitment to their Christian faith and charity.

The former reality star said he’s “definitely” going to propose to Clarke sometime this year, without question.

The pair have been together a little over a year.

Higgins told US, “We’re great. It’s fun. It’s just healthy … I think she would say the same. Our relationship is healthy. I’m a better version of myself, a more free version of myself than I’ve been in a while.”

Higgins first rose to fame as the BACHELOR. Though he reportedly participated in the “Fantasy Suite” dates that allow contestants to engage in pre-marital sex, Higgins and Clarke have a commitment not to live together before they get married.

Please pray that the couple continues to honor the Lord with their relationship and help one another grow in faith.