Former BREAKING BAD Actor Encourages Christians to ‘Create a Sense of Purity’ in Entertainment

Photo from Vindication Series on Instagram

Former BREAKING BAD Actor Encourages Christians to ‘Create a Sense of Purity’ in Entertainment

By Movieguide® Staff

Former BREAKING BAD actor Todd Terry said that Christians must be aware of the content they view in TV and movies because Hollywood makes it “darker and darker.”

“There’s so much gratuitousness in television today; it seems to get darker and darker. I don’t know another reason than that the devil is out to destroy our society with images and things like that,” Terry told The Christian Post.

“I think it’s important to create a sense of purity in the messages that we put out and strive to keep our minds as clean as possible because we see so much all the time,” he continued. “I think it’s possible to portray a positive Christian drama with a faith-based message without all that stuff. People still get the point of the depravity of a situation without films and shows showing everything.”

Terry is also known for his role as Detective Gary Travis on the faith-based crime drama VINDICATION.

“VINDICATION is a crime drama streaming on Amazon Prime about a police detective, Gary Travis. The program’s 10-episode first season takes viewers through a whirlwind of different cases and family drama. It follows Detective Travis, his family and his new detective trainee Kris Tanner. Each story has its own twists and turns, but somehow all the problems and cases are connected. In each episode, at least one person mentions their relationship with the Lord. The detective’s wife is also very steadfast in her relationship with God,” a portion of Movieguide®’s review reads.

Although the show focuses on faith, it deals with heavy topics, including violence, drugs, and trafficking.

“I think this show really reflects the way the Bible presents violence,” Terry said. “We present violence in a way that’s not gratuitous in a way that I think would offend, but it also brings up relevant talk topics such as sex trafficking and things that are in our society today. Kids need to be aware of these things because it is the world we’re living in.”

Although Terry grew up going to church, the WALKER TEXAS RANGER actor said he did not truly dedicate his life to Christ until he was in his thirties.

“I found that I wanted to do things with a positive message, whether it was something simply positive or something centered around Christ,” Terry said of his mindset towards entertainment after he became a Christian. “Although faith-based films have been around for years, they didn’t always have the best reputation as far as quality goes. I’ve really seen the faith-based industry step up its game in the last 10 years in a big way, so it became more exciting to do projects that were quality, but also faith-based.”

“I’d done secular shows for years, but I just had an interest and a heart to do this kind of thing,” he said of his role on VINDICATION.

“This show has a strong faith message, but it doesn’t hit you over the head with it,” Terry continued. “It shows someone who’s living in the world, and their viewpoints come from living in the world, and then they eventually become a believer. It’s not a big transformational experience; you just see my character slowly grow into understanding his need for a Savior.

“You see him live out his daily walk and his Christian faith in the real world, and that’s what I like.”

VINDICATION is streamable now on PureFlix.