Former ET Host John Tesh Honors Health Care Works with Facebook Fundraiser

Photo courtesy of John Tesh on Facebook

Former ET Host John Tesh Honors Health Care Works with Facebook Fundraiser

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

John Tesh (ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT) hosted a Facebook a fundraiser to provide meals to health care workers during COVID-19.

“First, we’re sending food delivery cards because these guys, they don’t want the food to come to them. They want to feed their families,” Tesh told Fox News. “They don’t have time to cook. They want snacks, like really good protein bars. They’re also asking for lavender face cream because the shields and masks are just wreaking havoc on their faces. And the one request I would have never expected are iPads.”

Our Healthcare Worker Relief Facebook-a-thon starts in ONE HOUR!
Noon Pacific / 3 Eastern! We’ll be live here on…

Posted by John Tesh on Friday, April 17, 2020

The live fundraiser lasted for six hours on Tesh’s Facebook page.

Tesh is an outspoken Christian. In fact, part of Tesh’s motivation to lend a hand comes from his bout with cancer, when health care workers showed him kindness in his time of need.

Movieguide® previously reported on Tesh’s cancer battle:

“I was a terrible, terrible patient and the only reason I was able to get out of that was my wife [Connie] who not only was my advocate but also helped introduce me to some powerful scriptures” said Tesh to Fox News.

Tesh was told he had a rare prostate cancer in 2015. During that time, Tesh said he drank too much and it almost ended his marriage.

“I almost lost my wife because I walked out. I walked out of the house and I went on a bicycle journey to try and figure myself out,” said Tesh.

However, Connie held fast to her marriage vows even while her husband was ill.

“Fortunately, she forgave me because that was nothing more than disrespect to her because she had been working so hard as an advocate. Feeling sorry for yourself will also get you killed,” said Tesh.

Tesh mentioned he was “angry with God,” but ultimately rested on the fact that God only wants what’s good for His children.

Currently, Tesh is cancer-free and a recently wrote a book, Relentless, that follows his journey of faith during his battle with cancer.

Like Tesh, other celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Kanye West and Tyler Perry are providing funds and meals in this tough season.[socialpoll id=”2621268″]