Former OnlyFans Star Angela White Now Focuses on Faith, Hard Work

Photo from Angela White’s Instagram

Former OnlyFans Star Angela White Now Focuses on Faith, Hard Work

By Movieguide® Contributor

Angela White, formerly known as Blac Chyna and for her work on OnlyFans, gave her life to Christ and is sharing how that changed her work mindset.

“I just like having my own, and I like owning certain things and just having…some type of structure over like my life,” she told Lecrae of her commitment to hard work. “I just celebrated 10 years with my Lashed Cosmetics, and I was like, man, it’s crazy because 10 years, that went by really fast.”

White explained that when she started her business, her son, King, was a baby.

“King is 11, so just even you know me starting a business and having a little baby and then just continuously doing that throughout the years, and just trying different business avenues,” she added.

With her fame come many potential endorsements and partnerships. However, White now looks at all those opportunities through the lens of her faith.

“This year and last year has just been focusing on working out, sobriety and the Bible,” she said. “And if it doesn’t, like, fall underneath that, then I’m just really not into it. I’ve had to turn down a lot of things, and I’m like ‘these people are crazy,’ like I mean some crazy stuff.”

Movieguide® previously reported on how faith transformed White’s life:

Following a baptism on her 34th birthday, OnlyFans’ top celebrity, Blac Chyna, has rejected her provocative career and abruptly quit the degrading platform in favor of a God-honoring lifestyle.

“I’m not doing OnlyFans anymore,” she said. “I’m kind of past that. It is one of those things where I did what I needed to do at the moment because of the circumstances I was in. Besides, with me being baptized, that’s just not what God will want me to do. It’s kind of degrading…

“Now I’m just going by faith,” she said. “I’m not really going by like the Blac Chyna way or the Angela way. Let me just let God lead me.”

She sees God working as she parents King and daughter Dream Renee.

“She says that her son and daughter have taught her that she’s ‘worth it’ and made her realize that God selected her to raise ‘these beautiful kids’ and teach them about life,” TODAY reported.

God also helped her get sober.

“I was drinking, I just had to open up my eyes and realize it,” White said in an interview with the LA Times. “And then not even just in front of people, even in private. A lot of times, we do things in private, or try to hide things from people, but once you start being real with yourself, that’s when you start to really see or realize certain things, and your life is just going to get better.”

“Grateful for 1 year and 4 months of sobriety, 16 months of blessings. Thank you, God, for this journey to happiness,” she posted on Instagram in January.

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