FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR To Be Rebooted as Drama

Screenshot via BEL-AIR | Official Trailer (2019) Fresh Prince Movie HD on YouTube

FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR To Be Rebooted as Drama

By Cooper Dowd, Contributing Writer

The beloved 90’s sitcom THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR is set to receive a dramatic reboot based on a viral fan-made Youtube Trailer, BEL-AIR. 

The viral video, created and directed by superfan Morgan Cooper, reimagined the hit comedy series with a darker, more serious tone while still telling the classic story of a Philadelphia teen adapting to his new life with his wealthy family in Los Angeles.  

The potential for a reboot attracted the eye of the show’s original lead, Will Smith, after Cooper’s two videos promoting the project gained over 7.5 million views on Youtube.  

“Morgan did a ridiculous trailer for Bel-Air,” Smith said. “Brilliant idea—the dramatic version of The Fresh Prince for the next generation.”

Smith and the original show’s producers Benny Medina and Quincy Jones are all on board to produce the reboot with Cooper co-writing alongside THE WIRE writer Chris Collins. 

The project is co-produced between Smith’s Westbrook Studios and the original producers, Universal TV. According to Deadline, the project went into the development phase nearly a year ago, and streaming services such as Netflix, Peacock, HBO Max, Amazon, and Apple are bidding on BEL-AIR. 

With the story’s pre-existing fanbase and the original minds and studio of the 90s hit returning, BEL-AIR will join the recent resurgence of reboots in cable television, Hollywood, and streaming services.  

THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR aired for six seasons from 1990 to 1996 and became Smith’s perennial role on screen. In the U.S., the original show was recently added to HBO Max. However, MOVIEGUIDE ® has not reviewed the TV series and therefore recommends discernment before viewing the series. 

Smith recently starred in 2019’s remake of the Disney classic ALADDIN, which MOVIEGUIDE® gave a +1 for content and 4 stars for quality; the full review can be found here.

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