GAF CEO Bill Abbott Promises ‘Much More to Come’ on Network This Year

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GAF CEO Bill Abbott Promises ‘Much More to Come’ on Network This Year

By Movieguide® Contributor

Great American Family CEO Bill Abbott is updating viewers on upcoming programming throughout the rest of 2024.  

“I want to thank you for your patience as we grow our channels and streaming platform,” Abbott said in an email to viewers. 

He went on to explain that the network is working to “create a better balance” of original content and older material as they continue to build the channel. 

“Movie enthusiasts can rest assured that we will go back to movies with Christmas in July, and then we will have a very strong slate of new, original movies through the end of 2024!” Abbott revealed. 

He shared some details about two upcoming movies — GOD’S COUNTRY SONG and HEAVEN SENT. 

GOD’S COUNTRY SONG, previously shown on Pure Flix, “tells the story of Noah, an up-and-coming country singer who has a broken relationship with his father. When Noah learns that he has a young son with a woman he barely remembers, it sets him on the path to rediscover what truly matters in life: faith and family,” per the Pure Flix website.

“This is a very different movie than the typical Romcom airing on GFAM, so please note it will contain a little more drama than you are accustomed to seeing in our content,” Abbott explained. 

A portion of the Movieguide® review for GOD’S COUNTRY SONG reads:

GOD’S COUNTRY SONG starts with an experienced cast, including Academy Award nominee Mariel Hemingway and real-life country artists Coffey Anderson and Justin Gaston). It adds an impassioned, proven writer/director using his real-life experiences for a realistic story-arc about alcohol addiction. The story portrays the stormy toll of addiction on family and friends, as well as the power of God’s love and redemption to overcome anything. GOD’S COUNTRY SONG delivers a remarkably entertaining yet turbulent and intense Christian portrayal of a weighty subject. 

HEAVEN SENT also premiered on the Pure Flix streaming service and follows “Elise, a grandmother hurt by her past, and Patrick, a widowed pastor, [who] have closed the door on love. But with faith and a little help from technology, will their live-streamed romance find a way?”

“These two movies are the first of 7 consecutive weeks of films airing on GFAM from Pure Flix, and therefore we are naming this ‘Pure Flix Classics’ to further establish a connection between the two services,” Abbott said. 

The GAF CEO promised “much more to come” in the second half of 2024, adding, “We are creating these platforms to serve you – the under-represented majority in this great country of ours…Thank you again for your support – it is appreciated more than you could ever understand.”

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