GAF Star Trevor Donovan Answers Your Burning Questions in New Video

Photo by Chris Schmitt for Movieguide®

GAF Star Trevor Donovan Answers Your Burning Questions in New Video

By Movieguide® Contributor 

Great American Family actor Trevor Donovan answered some of his fans’ most burning questions in a recent video. 

The first question asked was, “If you were to be a teacher in real life, which subject do you feel would be the best subject for you to teach?”

“I did okay in school but not great,” Donovan responded. 

“My strongest subjects were probably my sports area, so a gym teacher probably. Actually, I went to art school so I could probably teach art a little bit, to maybe kindergartners,” he joked. 

He played a substitute teacher in his GAF movie A HARVEST HOMECOMING. 

Part of Movieguide®’s review reads:

A HARVEST HOMECOMING is a family-friendly romance on the Great American Family Channel and Pure Flix. Drew Clark returns home to his parents’ fruit farm. He’s waiting to hear from a teaching job in California and plans to stay two weeks. In the meantime, he’s working as a substitute teacher at his childhood friend’s school. His sister, Della, is also between jobs and staying at home. Despite their age, their parents take out a loan to expand their little country store where sell their fruit. They’ve hired a divorcee, Lainie, to give them ideas for the expansion and help run things. Lainie might get Drew to change his plans about leaving, but will he get cold feet?

The second question was in regards to Donovan’s former role on the hit show 90210, which he previously called his “launching pad.” The fan asked if he would be open to doing some kind of reunion project with his former cast-mates.

“I would definitely be down for a 90210-reunion show. I think it’d be really cool, so sort of, ‘where are they now?’ Either a movie or limited series of something, I think that would be really cool. So yes, I would be down.”

Lastly, a fan from Switzerland asked his he would be willing to shoot a film there since there are many cute little villages. 

“Have you ever been to Switzerland before, and would you like to film a movie here?” the fan asked asked.

“Well, I would love to go to Switzerland,” the Movieguide® Award host said. “I grew up skiing and snowboarding, and I still do to this day. So, I would love to go experience the Swiss Alps and shoot a movie in one of your amazing villages so yeah, absolutely.” 

Donovan previously spoke with Movieguide® about his desire to bring positive and uplifting content into people’s homes:

“I love being able to make these movies that are morally uplifting and inspiring,” he told Movieguide®. “It just sets a good example for people watching, and it’s cool to see my little niece watching along with my parents and grandparents. So yeah, couldn’t be happier.” 

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