Girl Shoots Sister in Head While ‘Playing CSI’

An 11-year-old girl accidentally shot her 14-year-old sister in the head with a shotgun while “playing CSI,” authorities in Logansport, Ind. Said recently.

The incident occurred Saturday morning, Sept. 24 while the two siblings were at home. The sisters were in separate rooms and pellets from the 20 gauge shotgun passed through a door jam and struck the 14-year-old sister. The 11-year-old told police she was mimicking the TV show when the gun went off.

The older sister survived and is hospitalized, but her condition was not released.

Countless scientific studies and newspaper reports have shown that depictions of violence on TV and in movies and video games are linked to violence in real life, including violent crimes. For instance, the young killers at Columbine in Colo. were rabid fans of media violence, including violent video games like DOOM and the gunplay in the original MATRIX movie.

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– New York Daily News, 09/26/11.



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