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GOOD DOCTOR Character Ponders the Faith of His Youth In Season Finale

Photo courtesy of THE GOOD DOCTOR via Instagram

GOOD DOCTOR Character Ponders the Faith of His Youth In Season Finale

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor 

**Warning: The following article contains spoilers from THE GOOD DOCTOR season 3 finale which aired on ABC on March 30, 2020.

GOOD DOCTOR character Dr, Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzales) ponders the faith of his youth in the season three finale on ABC, which drew in 7.6 million viewers.

Dr. Melendez was at a social gathering at a brewery when an earthquake struck, unexpectedly causing him an injury and landing him in the hospital where he works.

Unfortunately. Dr. Melendez’s internal bleeding is fatal, despite surgery.

While lying in his hospital bed, Dr. Melendez recalls growing up in the church and serving his congregation at the altar.

Dr. Melendez says that he drifted away from the faith of his youth in college but points out how it “all comes back” as he grapples with his impending death.

Fellow doctor Claire Browne listens as Dr. Melendez mentioned a silver cross that he used to hold close to his heart. In later scenes in the episode, Dr. Browne gives him a silver cross to comfort him in his final moments.


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“The doctor without the head injury makes the call.” #TheGoodDoctor

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Ironically, this episode of THE GOOD DOCTOR aired on the same day as National Doctors’ Day.

At a time where worldwide medical personnel are in such high demand due to COVID-19, Dr. Melendez’s story reminds viewers that not even doctors are immune to death.

That’s why the Gospel of Jesus Christ is so vital.

Jesus is the answer. Jesus is the hope of the world, in both good times and bad.

Although Dr. Melendez’s story is a work of fiction, perhaps it hits close to home for some as loved ones have faced a similar fate and wrestled with the Christian faith before drawing their lasts breaths.


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The after shock 😰#TheGoodDoctor

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Let this episode of THE GOOD DOCTOR remind you that sharing your faith in Christ is ultimately more healing than and physical shortcoming.

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” – Matthew 24:35 (ESV)

**Editor’s Note: Not all aspects of THE GOOD DOCTOR make it appropriate for family audiences due to its mature content and sometimes politically correct elements. Please use discernment.