Greg Laurie’s Megachurch Now Offering Coronavirus Drive-Through Testing

Screenshot courtesy of Greg Laurie Instagram

Greg Laurie’s Megachurch Now Offering Coronavirus Drive-Through Testing

By Allyson Vannatta, Staff Writer

Megachurch pastor Greg Laurie announced they will have coronavirus testing at the Riverside campus of Harvest Christian Fellowship.

The campus teamed up with health officials to offer drive-through testing, which began last week. This is the third drive-through testing site in Riverside County in California.

The news was confirmed on Harvest Christian Fellowship’s Facebook page in a statement that reads,

“We want to let you know that the City of Riverside is manning the operation in a safe and secure manner. Our hope is to reassure you that while we are doing everything we can to aid in combating the effects of COVID-19, the testing will be conducted outside in the patient’s vehicles. Therefore, our campus will not be affected by the presence of the medical testing. We love you, and we are praying for your safety and health always.”

According to Faithwire, “To be eligible for testing, you must be exhibiting the symptoms associated with COVID-19 – fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose or congestion – and have to pre-book an appointment by calling 800-945-6171.”

Along with being a new testing center, Harvest launched a COVID support program, which works like a food bank. The goal is to provide essential items to those that need it during this time.

A statement on the webpage says,

“We have already received a number of donations, but we anticipate that we must collect much more to be able to provide assistance to all of those in need. If you are able to donate some essential goods we are most lacking in, we would really appreciate your help.”

According to the LA Times, California has over 11,300 COVID-19 cases and 250 deaths.