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Hallmark Celebrates 10 Years of “Countdown to Christmas”

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Chenoweth on Instagram

Hallmark Celebrates 10 Years of “Countdown to Christmas”

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Happy anniversary to Hallmark’s “Countdown to Christmas!”

The annual celebration is 10 years old as of this year.

In the “Countdown to Christmas,” the wholesome network airs new movies in the weekends leading up to Christmas. Each year, Hallmark announces a slew of new family-friendly titles that debut during the celebration.

“What we built in holiday entertainment on television 10 years ago has grown into a cultural phenomenon beloved by tens of millions of people, and it cannot be copied,” said Michelle Vicary, executive vice president of Programming & Publicity for Crown Media Family Networks in an interview.

Movieguide® previously reported, “While some may overlook these movies, one cannot help but notice that positivity earned them a powerhouse staple in the homes of Americans, especially around the holidays when cheer and love are so needed.”

If that’s not a good reason to grab a blanket and some hot chocolate, we don’t know what is!

Candace Cameron Bure (FULLER HOUSE), Kristen Chenowith (GLEE) and several familiar Hallmark faces kicked off the 10-year anniversary in style.

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One of the new movies out this season is CHRISTMAS WISHES & MISTLETOE KISSES.  According to the Movieguide® review:

CHRISTMAS WISHES & MISTLETOE KISSES is constantly emotive, poignant, heartrending, and interesting. The good news is woven throughout. Many Christmas carols are sung. Also, Nick starts off being a Grinch and has to rediscover the joy of Christmas. Abbey has to rediscover her own faith, and Kate must learn to do the right thing. The plot has a great unexpected twist. Although the storyline is similar to other Christmas TV movies, the execution of CHRISTMAS WISHES & MISTLETOE KISSES is much better.

You can find the complete lineup of new Hallmark Christmas movies here: