HBO’s Immoral Show THE IDOL Canceled After Heavy Viewer Criticism

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HBO’s Immoral Show THE IDOL Canceled After Heavy Viewer Criticism

By Movieguide® Contributor

HBO’s pornographic show, THE IDOL, will not continue with another season due to minimal viewer interest in its immoral content. 

The cancellation is “not a huge surprise given the critical and commercial reception of the show, which starred [Abel] Tesfaye [also known as The Weeknd] and Lily-Rose Depp,” Deadline wrote. “It also came after extensive reshoots following the departure of director Amy Seimetz, as revealed by Deadline in April 2022, and a reduced order, taking its total number of episodes to five.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

[Viewers] have just seen the first episode of the series, but are already complaining about ‘violent sex and excessive nudity’ and calling THE IDOL ‘reductive and sad.’

Major outlets have criticized THE IDOL as well. Rolling Stone published interviews with 13 anonymous cast and crew members, who called the show a ‘rape fantasy’ and a ‘degrading love story with a hollow message.’

But there is no “love” in THE IDOL. The main characters continuously inflict twisted mental and physical abuse on each other.

Thoughts Catalog reported that the protagonist engages in “self-torture at the hands of a boyfriend who has conditioned her to believe that psychological and physical harm are bridges to success. It’s sickening…It’s heartbreaking. It’s uncomfortable. It’s unacceptable. It’s THE IDOL at its tasteless core — pointless pity and powerless poignancy.”

Variety added, “Ratings for the series were middling. It premiered with 913,000 viewers…Episode 2 fell to 800,000 viewers on its first night. Throughout the rest of the series’ run, HBO declined to share viewership data.”

The show’s failure proves that viewers are not interested in highly immoral entertainment.

Though THE IDOL will not return for another season, many kids and teens still have access to the widely streamed show. Movieguide® previously wrote:

Movieguide® encourages parents to have conversations with their children about the media they are consuming. Shows like THE IDOL and EUPHORIA expose kids and teens to graphic sexual material and desensitizes them to such acts, which can result in them performing those acts themselves. These shows also promote the usage of drugs alongside excessive profanity.

The Bible urges us to dwell on what is pure and true and disallow Satan avenues into our hearts. People should seek out entertainment that is uplifting and morally sound rather than support immoral content.

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