Hillsong Member Takes Home Australia’s THE VOICE Crown

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Hillsong Member Takes Home Australia’s THE VOICE Crown

By Movieguide® Staff

Hillsong Church can add another person to their growing list of influential bands and musicians from the Australian megachurch.

Bella Taylor Smith recently took home the crown for Australia’s THE VOICE.

“[A]ll of my loving friends and family and church community thank you!!! and honestly and most importantly to Jesus for giving me hope and a beautiful life to live,” Smith posted to Instagram before the finale aired.

Hillsong Church has multiple videos of Smith performing on their YouTube channel.

Smith won $100,000 in prize money, as well as a recording contract, and will go on tour with musician Guy Sebastian, who mentored her throughout the season.

Smith said the two also bonded over their faith.

“I think, you know, faith is a really important part of my life, and not to speak for Guy, but I know it’s something that is really important for him as well,” she said. “And those values and kind of life lessons that come along with that is something that can be really defining for an individual, so I felt like he really understood where I was coming from and could understand what I was passionate about.”

Unlike live television finales like THE VOICE in the United States, Australia’s show filmed four different endings and didn’t reveal the true winner until Sunday night. Smith says she was shocked to see herself win.

“[W]ith everything being filmed so long ago it was so surreal hearing the result last night!! it’s been months since we filmed, and i was just as clueless as everyone when the show aired! all that to say thank you thank you again!!!” she posted to Instagram.

Sebastian and Smith performed “The Prayer” during the finale.

Hear Smith’s single, “Higher,” below.