Hobby Lobby’s David Green on Giving: ‘God Will Bless What We’re Doing’

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Hobby Lobby’s David Green on Giving: ‘God Will Bless What We’re Doing’

By Movieguide® Staff

Longtime Hobby Lobby CEO David Green recently spoke to actor Kirk Cameron about the importance of moral motives in business.

The owner of the multi-million dollar company is open about his Christian faith and how it informs his business and family decisions.

“I think wrong motives may not produce much at all,” he told Cameron on a recent episode of TAKEAWAYS. “I think God really knows our motives and so we really want to make sure that we’re checking our heart and making sure that we’re pure in our motives.”

Green said that his faith in God helped him grow a small frame making business, that operated out of his garage in 1972, to a household name with 980 stores nationwide.

Despite his success, Green gives almost 50% of the company’s profits to ministry and charity.

“I think it comes from God’s word that tells us that he owns everything,” he told Cameron. “A lot of us Christian people will say God owns it all but then what does it look like? What does it really look like if God owns it? We’ve really tried to find that paradigm change in our life to where he does own it and what we have is not a family business but we have a ministry that God has given us.”

“I think our money, our time, or anything is one and the same,” he said. “Why don’t we just give it to God and think more about things that are eternal and not temporal? Because so many things in this life are just temporal and don’t make a lot of difference for the future. Sometimes he’s given us time, he gives us money, he gives us talent… whatever it is we have, we need to give it back to him and then that’s when I think God will bless what we’re doing.”

Green said that his mother showed him from an early age how to give to others.

“One scripture in the Bible talks about being content, so we have to ask ourselves, am I content? If I’m not, then I’ve got a spiritual problem and I think I learned that from my mother,” he explained. “She had very little, but she was always content in her life. I want to be content. Most of us have more stuff than we need and more stuff is not going to make us happier. Hopefully we learn that we’re just content with what God has given us.”

Watch the full interview below:

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