Hollywood’s Latest Flops


By David Outten, Production Editor


WAR ROOM opened August 28 to in 1,135 theaters to an $11 million weekend. That’s a per theater average of $10,001. In the last few weeks Hollywood movies, made for much larger budgets with major movie stars, have not come close to this per theater average. A large part of the problem is the vulgarity and political correctness. The last few weeks has been brutal to R-rated Hollywood movies. Maybe audiences are tired of the bleak raunch and want some wholesome, uplifting entertainment?

Look at the dismal opening weekends of some of the latest R-rated movies:

BURNT – (R) (3,003 theaters) $5,038,000  ($1,678 per theater)

OUR BRAND IS CRISIS – (R) with Sandra Bullock – (2,202 theaters) $3,430,000  ($1,558 per theater)

SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE – (R) (1,509 theaters) $1,770,000  ($1,173 per theater)

ROCK THE KASBAH – (R) with Bill Murray and Bruce Willis – (2,012 theaters) $1,470,592  ($731 per theater)

CRIMSON PEAK – (R) – (2,984 theaters) $13,143,310  ($4,405 per theater)

In three weeks there were six R-rated movies, including three brand new flops from this past weekend.

Hollywood needs to bring back original, wholesome, non-franchise movies to keep young people at the multiplexes. Movies like E.T., FORREST GUMP, and THE BLIND SIDE filled theaters without becoming franchises. Going further back, the big hits were movies like THE SOUND OF MUSIC, BEN-HUR and GONE WITH THE WIND. Each stood on its own.

Yet, Hollywood keeps coming up with debauched movies like CRIMSON PEAK and SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE and moves with a radical leftist agenda like OUR BRAND IS CRISIS.

The truth is, Hollywood is a business, and like any other business, they want to be profitable. Someone just has to show them, and prove to them that the best way to be profitable is to clean up the sex, violence and foul language from their movies. Thankfully, Movieguide® is doing just that. In the past 30 years, Movieguide® has been instrumental in helping increase the amount of positive, biblical, uplifting movies that are coming from Hollywood.

However, movies like CRIMSON PEAK and SCOUTS GUIDE are still luring our young people away from values and away from Christ. Movieguide® isn’t done showing Hollywood that we don’t want that type of entertainment. Please join us in this mission, for the sake of our children and grandchildren.


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