How Comedian Mickey Bell Touches Lives Through Comedy


How Comedian Mickey Bell Touches Lives Through Comedy

By Movieguide® Staff

Mickey Bell, pastor of Grace Church Bessemer in Alabama, believes that comedy with purpose must go beyond the laughs

“Once the laughter has removed the walls, it then allows me to plant some seeds of hope into that person that doesn’t feel like they can continue on with their life,” Bell said.

Bell also acknowledges how God used comedy to heal his depression.

“God chose the comedy stage to allow myself to fully come through and for me to heal,” Bell said. “Standing on the platform with a mic in my hand is my safe place. It’s the one place I can go, and my anxieties take a back seat.”

Bell acknowledges that he’s not the only one struggling with depression, especially within the church.

“I think a lot of times, especially in the arenas where I’m working currently, and that’s being in Christian concert settings, in the church settings, I feel like that depression and anxiety, they’ve not been mentioned,” Bell said. “It’s almost like a little taboo. Don’t talk about it. A lot lot of our pastors, and I’m not throwing the pastors under the bus when I say this … It’s not that they are trying to push it aside. A lot of times when I talk to these pastors, they’re like, ‘Thank you for bringing this up,’ and, ‘Thank you for dealing with it, because we’ve not been through it, so we don’t know what to say.

“I teach people all the time, when you’re dealing with people that are going through depression, and if you don’t know what to say, don’t say anything because with the way that our emotions work, and the way that our mind tries to play tricks on us, if you say the wrong thing, we take it that way and it just throws a spiral. So, a lot of times, it’s just best if you don’t say anything. So, they invite me in so I can say it and I can speak to it,” Bell said.

Bell now uses his comedy as an avenue to reach people his experience as a pastor and person are the tools he adds to give substance to the profession.

“Comedy is unique in that it reaches so many people and the hearts of those people. Anyone from any walk of life can attend an evening of comedy and be carrying the weight of life on their shoulders. But after just a few moments of laughing, they feel the stress disappear, if only for the next 60 minutes,” Bell said

Comedy is an avenue that allows people to let down their walls, let go of the baggage of the day and to just be. To share an experience with others with the sole purpose of enjoyment.

“The laughs will come and go, but the words I plant in the lives of those at the show will hopefully impact people in such a way that it helps them actually grow into a better life,” Bell said.

Bell recognizes that his role as a clean comedian is a unique one, but it doesn’t have to be.

“You don’t have to be vulgar. You don’t have to cuss if you have to do that, then, you’re unable to really find the humor that is taking place in life and in our churches, it’s everywhere. You just have to learn how to look for it,” Bell said.



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