How Community Helped Shawn Johnson East ‘Heal’ After Pregnancy Loss

Photo from Shawn Johnson East’s Instagram

How Community Helped Shawn Johnson East  ‘Heal’ After Pregnancy Loss

By Movieguide® Staff

Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson East recently shared how a community on social media helped her endure after a miscarriage in 2017.

The Christian gymnast, 29, shared the tragic news in a YouTube video in Oct. 2017. However, in Oct. 2019, Johnson East and her husband Andrew East welcomed their daughter Drew Hazel and expect another baby boy this year.

“Our miscarriage back in 2017, it was the first time I ever felt super vulnerable,” Johnson East told Good Morning America in May 2021. “I didn’t know who to go to or who to talk to or how to heal. So I ended up going to social media. I needed someone to respond to me and say, ‘It’s going to be okay, I went through this as well.'”

She continued: “And to see the thousands and thousands of women that came forward and just said, ‘I went through this. I’m struggling through this. Thank you, I felt so alone until now’ — I felt the same way, and it was the only way I healed.”

Johnson East is also an outspoken Christian and said that she is thankful for how God has used her experience for a greater purpose.

“Looking back on everything we’ve gone through… it’s all for a purpose,” Johnson East said. “It all makes it worth it in the end. It makes things more sweet. I think it’s through those heartache moments that you truly learn. You learn who you are, you learn how to be a better wife and mother and daughter.”

Johnson East and her husband are excited to welcome a baby boy into their growing family later this year.

“We are so excited to be welcoming a boy to our growing family and for Drew to have a little baby brother,” Johnson East said. “It will be a whole new experience and we’re so excited to start this next chapter!”

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