How Debbie Reynolds Learned to Follow God’s Plan for Her Life

Photo by Alan Warren, via Wikipedia

How Debbie Reynolds Learned to Follow God’s Plan for Her Life

By Allyson Vannatta, Staff Writer

This article is part of our Miracles in Hollywood Series

Debbie Reynolds was one of America’s sweethearts in the Golden Age of Hollywood. She was a woman of many talents, and even said God gives you the talents you have.

“I think sometimes God gives you a talent, and He has a plan,” the actress said in an interview with Guideposts.

And, did He have a plan for Reynolds.

The starlet was raised in Texas, where she learned to follow God’s plan for her life from her family.

“I was raised in religion,” she says. “My grandfather was what they called a lay preacher. He’d go to different homes and lay his hands on and read the Bible to the sick. We went to tent meetings and revival meetings.”

She added, “My life is based on faith. The most important thing is to have faith and believe in the wisdom beyond your years.”

Reynolds was a Christian and attended church at Hollywood Presbyterian Church. She also raised her children in faith. Her son, Todd Fisher, became a Christian pastor while her daughter Carrie Fisher struggled with her faith.

Reynolds was best known as an actress and singer. However, other words people used to describe her were businesswoman, movie historian, and humanitarian.

Along with starring in movies like SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN and THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN, she also starred in her own television show, THE DEBBIE REYNOLDS SHOW.

When she wasn’t acting, she was advocating for mental health issues, something her daughter struggled with throughout her life.

Reynold’s died at the age of 84 from a stroke, just one day after her daughter Carrie died of a heart attack.

At the time of these deaths, Todd said that he and his family were holding onto faith to sustain them.

“We’re people of faith — my mother raised us that way, and we believe we will all meet again. And, without those thoughts, it would all be pretty depressing. It would be wholly unacceptable to think we’d never meet again,” Todd said.