How Faith and Family Inspired This Actor’s Latest Project

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How Faith and Family Inspired This Actor’s Latest Project

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

Brian Presley wrote, directed and starred in THE GREAT ALASKAN RACE because he wanted to create a movie that families could watch together.

THE GREAT ALASKAN RACE follows a group of mushers in Alaska who race against time to deliver medicine to dying children.

“As a dad, there are very few of those films out there that you can go with your family and both enjoy,” Presley told Movieguide®. “We’ve had a great response from families who have seen it so far, and it’s also an educational piece where different values can be taught to children through this movie.”

Movieguide® rated the movie -2 for problematic mystical elements, though it does contain some positive Christian messages.

These Christian messages stem from Presley’s own faith and how he wants to see it portrayed on screen.

“Faith is a part of my life,” Presley said. “I like watching flawed people rise up and overcome, triumph over tragedies in real life. … Life has a way of punching us all in the stomach at some point. In the moments when that happens, people get stuck in a rut. We need to be thankful and remember we’re not promised tomorrow and live each day to the fullest.”

Watch the video to see Presley’s full interview.

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