How Faith and God’s Word Bonded Queen Elizabeth II and Evangelist Billy Graham

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How Faith and God’s Word Bonded Queen Elizabeth II and Evangelist Billy Graham

By Movieguide® Staff

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her influence around the world became clear as people honored her legacy of faith and leadership after 70 years on the throne.

On Monday, Sept. 19, the UK showed gratitude towards their Queen at a funeral held at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor.

While the Queen kept her personal life private, she lived out her faith without fear, a quality noticed by one of her friends, the Rev. Billy Graham.

In his autobiography, “Just As I Am,” Graham wrote of the Queen: “No one in Britain has ever been more cordial toward us than her majesty Queen Elizabeth II.”

In a recent interview, the great American evangelist’s son, Franklin, spoke of the special bond that his father and the late Queen had through their mutual faith in God.

“I’ve watched today and I just had a thankful heart,” Franklin told ABC News’ Kyra Phillips in a recent interview after the funeral. “Thankful that she was faithful.

“She was faithful and steadfast in her faith in God and for her many years, 70 years on the throne, she honored the Lord Jesus Christ,” he continued. “She wasn’t afraid to live her faith. Not only did she proclaim her faith but she lived it, and that’s what’s so important. She lived it and believed it.”

Franklin said that he heard stories firsthand of his father’s trips to London to visit with the Queen, where most of their conversation centered around scripture.

“My father knew her in a very special way,” Franklin said. “They’ve been together on many occasions and every time they were together she would want to talk about scripture. If my father had preached, she would ask more detail about his message and what made him want to preach that sermon versus another one. They had great Bible studies together.”

On some occasions, Elizabeth even reached out to Graham for advice on speeches or messages.

In 1995, Graham preached a message at the Royal Family’s private chapel on Easter Sunday.

“My father remarked time and time again, she was a very humble and gracious individual,” Franklin said. “For him it was just a privilege to know her.”

Franklin added that their relationship began with their love for God’s word above all else.

“The personal connection was God and his word,” he explained. “That’s what brought them together and that was what they had in common, was God’s word. She had a love for the word of God, my father had a love for the word of God, and of course they loved talking about
the word of God together.”

For the Grahams, evangelism remains their most extensive ministry through organizations like Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

According to Franklin, Queen Elizabeth also influenced the global church.

“For the church around the world she was not only an inspiration but an example to the church,” he noted. “She had an incredible influence.”

“She put God first and she was never afraid to share her faith,” he added. “You see politicians and you see world leaders today, many of them distance themselves from their faith. I hope the people of the UK will not forget their heritage and the faith of their Queen.”

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