How Singer Kelly Lang Relies on God Amid Her 17-Year Breast Cancer Battle: ‘I Never Feel Alone’

Photo from Kelly Lang’s Instagram

How Singer Kelly Lang Relies on God Amid Her 17-Year Breast Cancer Battle: ‘I Never Feel Alone’

By Movieguide® Staff

Singer-songwriter Kelly Lang recently released her autobiography, ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere,’ and discussed how faith, prayer, and music carried her through breast cancer.

“I wouldn’t take anything for the experience,” she told Fox News. “I know that sounds crazy — I wouldn’t want to go back through it again, don’t get me wrong. I learned how to appreciate things. I learned how to look at things more openly, like, the sky is bluer, the grass is greener.”

“I was diagnosed at 36 years old,” she continued. “And at the time, I was just doing my best to get through life. I wasn’t paying attention to what really mattered. Or people who really mattered.”

Lang said that her relationship with God helped her to see the bigger picture of her battle with cancer.

“Now, I pause — and I see more clearly who needs things, who needs help,” she said. “I promised God, If you would just allow me to get through this, I would try my hardest to be a bright light to others, to be a ray of hope for somebody.”

“Yes, I’m stronger now, because nothing really scares you more than when you hear, ‘Cancer,’ but it’s a difficult chore to get through, and I encourage people to follow their instincts,” she added. “Some people consider cancer a death sentence. But I like to say I consider it my life sentence. It was like a reset button for me to be able to live more abundantly and appreciatively.”

In response to her battle with cancer, Lang hopes to release a new song in October 2022 called “Life Sentence.”

Despite her positive outlook, Lang said that there are lasting scars, mentally and physically, after her treatment to rid her body of cancer.

“It doesn’t end there,” Lang said. “When you see somebody who’s survived breast cancer, then they go to reconstruction, or radiation has caused some damage to other parts of the body — it is not an easy road. For the rest of your life, it’s always of concern in your brain.”

But Lang relies on her faith in God and daily prayer to maintain hope moving forward.

“He is everything,” she said. “I never feel alone. I’m not afraid of anything because I know the ending. I’m only passing through, so I don’t have to worry about what’s going on. It’s temporary.”

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