How The 92nd Oscars Communicated Major Worldview Problems

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How The 92nd Oscars Communicated Major Worldview Problems

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Hollywood’s biggest night, aka the Oscars, was plagued with multiple worldview problems including radical environmentalism, communism and politics that deterred viewers from tuning into the broadcast on ABC.

The 2020 Oscars hit an all-time low in viewers at just over 23 million people, despite costing $44 million to produce.

A super cringe-worthy moment was Joaquin Phoenix’s acceptance speech for Best Actor in a Leading Role for JOKER.

In his speech, Phoenix rightly mentioned that compassion and kindness matter, but only after berating meat-eaters and two-faced industry stars who sit back on their laurels while the planet unravels. His speech indicated an ignorance of basic biology, such as the production of milk by a cow, and a new age attribution of human intelligence to animals. Ultimately, his speech embodied the politics of envy, but who was he to express envy when he is a the top of the ladder in terms of salary and prestige.


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Joaquin Phoenix stands proudly with his Oscar for Best Actor.

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AMERICAN FACTORY took home the prize for Best Documentary feature but producers notable quoted Carl Marx in their acceptance speech.

Since 2020 is an election year in the U.S., Brad Pitt and a few others highlighted current events from the left’s perspective.

Many stars who spoke from the stage noted a “lack of diversity.” Natalie Portman (THOR) also wore a custom jacket the highlighted all the women directors who weren’t recognized for the projects.

Still, PARASITE, a South Korean movie took home four awards. Movieguide® found PARASITE to have heavy politically correct elements, a heavy romantic, Marxist, and anti-capitalist worldview.

Movieguide® publisher, Dr. Ted Baehr, shared his thoughts on Hollywood’s diversity paradox to CBN:

“As all Hollywood insiders know, the Academy is a club, and like all clubs, insider politics and favoritism reigns supreme,” said Baehr in a statement.  “If they believe their problem is that white voters vote white, thus the solution to bring in more African-American voters to even the playing field, they’re simply encouraging prejudice voting based on skin color instead of solving the root issue.”

“But the problem is that there needs to be more studio movies by people of color and women, and that is going to take years,” he explained.

Baehr also said Academy voters do not have an objective standard.

“The recent #OscarsSoWhite controversy reveals a diversity problem, but the solution presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will not fix their problem, because their standards are not principle-based,” he said. “The voters do not have an objective standard by which they all vote, and both the nominations, and the outcry for the lack of diversity in the nominations, reveals the flimsiness of the criteria for what good filmmaking is.”

For all its concerns, the Oscars did have a few glimmers of hope.

TOY STORY 4 filmmakers said their movie was a ‘love letter’ to their families.

Pitt, who won for Best Supporting actor for ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD dedicated his award to his children.

Christian actresses and singers Cynthia Erivo (HARRIET) and Chrissy Metz (BREAKTHROUGH) performed show-stopping performances of Christian songs.

Renee Zellweger won for Best Leading Actress for JUDY and noted that heroes have a way of uniting even the most unlikely of people.

Zellweger’s speech serves a s perfect transition to discuss and award show that has one hero- Jesus.

Thankfully, Movieguide® considers Hollywood’s award season to end with the Movieguide®   Awards broadcast on February 24, 2020.

Dr. Ted Baehr explained his heart behind the show:

“Contrast this to the Movieguide®Awards which avoids this issue altogether because it nominates actors and actresses based on principles that have nothing to do with who you know or what the color of your skin is. It is all about how spiritually inspiring the actor’s or actress’ performance is.”

“The Grace Award goes to ‘an actor or actress in a motion picture or television program who exemplifies God’s grace and mercy toward us as human beings through their outstanding performance’,” Baehr said.

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