Is Candace Cameron Bure’s FULLER HOUSE Safe for Your Children?

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Is Candace Cameron Bure’s FULLER HOUSE Safe for Your Children?

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Candace Cameron Bure’s FULLER HOUSE: Season 5 is delightful in many ways, and Movieguide® deems the Netflix original series appropriate for older children and adults. We’re breaking down what you need to know from context to highlights.

FULLER HOUSE is a spin-off show of the hit series FULL HOUSE, which ran from 1987 to 1995. Candace Cameron Bure stars as DJ Fuller, who’s a widow providing for her family and living with her best friend, Kimmy Gibbler, and younger sister Stephanie Tanner.

FULLER HOUSE definitely works to satisfy its niche audience and does so with ease.

Fan favorites like John Stamos (Uncle Jesse), who also serves as an executive producer, makes a few guest appearances in season 5, along with Bob Saget (Danny Tanner) and Dave Coulier (Joey Gladstone).

As of this writing, the first nine episodes of FULLER HOUSE Season 5 are available on Netflix. The rest of the season is expected to drop later in 2020.

Below are some key takeaways from the first nine episodes of season 5 to determine if you deem the show acceptable for your children.


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*Editor’s Note: Spoilers follow 

What parents should know

For all its praiseworthy content, parents should know that there are several episodes that reference drinking and depict social drinking,

In a similar vein, Ramona, a teenager, makes some comments about worldview in a few episodes. For instance, Ramona declares that a reality TV show is anti-Humanist and anti-feminist, and that she can’t stop watching. See the clip below.


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There’s also a subtle nod to homosexuality in a dance sequence where men get down on one knee to mimic a proposal. Males also dance hand in hand with males in this sequence, but it’s meant to be more funny than pro-LGBTQ.

Thankfully there’s hardly any foul language aside from a few “Oh my lantas” and maybe a few OMGs.

Additionally, the only nudity is a tiny part of a female’s midriff which mirrors the fashion landscape of toady.

As far as violence, a vet accidentally shoots himself with a tranquilizer gun and some tumbling down stairs both of which are meant to bring laughs.

Highlights of the episodes

FULLER HOUSE follows a great sitcom formula where there’s a resolution at the end of each episode.

Many times, throughout season five, viewers see that FULLER HOUSE extols reconciliation, the need for clear communication and of course family.

FULLER HOUSE also has some stellar self-reflexive moments. For instance, Candace Cameron Bure nods to her Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel, and her famous brother and former teen heartthrob Kirk Cameron might make a cameo…

Basics of the plot

Season 5 begins as Stephanie arrives home with her newborn daughter.

Stephanie adapts to motherhood for the first time along with her fiancé, Jimmy Gibbler. Please note, in previous seasons it was explained that Stephanie could not have children on her own. Kimmy offered to be a surrogate mother and gave birth at the end of season 4.

Kimmy is relieved to have given birth and spends the first nine episodes of seasons five adjusting to her daughter Ramona’s new boyfriend, a Postmates delivery boy.

DJ learns that her ex, Dr. Matt Harmon, married her nemesis from high school, Gia. However, DJ has more important things on her mind.

DJ’s sons Jackson, Max and Tommy are growing up right before her eyes. In one particular episode, DJ tries to spend more time with her oldest, which leads to a heart-to-heart conversation about the pressure to perform with perfection.

Meanwhile, Jimmy, Fernando (Kimmy’s fiancée), and Steve (DJ’s boyfriend) buy a local sandwich shop and learn through both success and failure, how to manage it.

In typical FULLER HOUSE fashion, there are a few episodes with engaging dance numbers and a few famous faces from Bure’s time on DANCING WITH THE STARS.

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