Is MR. IGLESIAS Season Two Worth Watching?

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Is MR. IGLESIAS Season Two Worth Watching?

By Movieguide® Contributor

MR. IGLESIAS is a sitcom starring stand up comedian Gabriel Iglesias. It follows teacher Gabe Iglesias as he works to make his students’ lives better with his charming sense of humor and genuine compassion. Between the students and the other teachers, there’s plenty of comedic drama to occupy Mr. Iglesias’ time.

Mr. Iglesias is always trying to do right by his students and he cares for their educational and overall well being. He tries to make school interesting through humor and encourages people to treat each other with kindness regardless of their differences in opinion. One of his students is also especially kindhearted and is selfless towards his best friend and crush, Marisol.

Unfortunately, the humor is often crude, with mild to strong language, and the use of God’s name as an expletive occurs several times throughout the series in variations. Bathroom humor, sex jokes, political comedy (left leaning), and jokes at the expense of religious people are relatively common as well.

The only blatantly Christian character is very sheltered and plays into television stereotypes about Christians. She is innocent, soft spoken, and seems to rely on her church leaders, and not the actual Bible. She seems like an overall “good person,” but is not a flattering representative of the Christian faith. There is a joke where she says that her church once needed to remove “racy” content from the Bible. There are also jokes based on other religions throughout Season 2.

There is some social drinking, and the occasional drug-related joke. They mentioned that Mr. Iglesias is in AA and will soon have been sober for one year. He is very committed to staying sober.

Politics play a substantial role, either in the form of jokes, or as the driving force behind an episode’s plot. Characters are mostly left leaning.

Mr. Iglesias deeply cares about his students and his co-workers. He would do anything to ensure that the kids he teaches achieve their full potential, and he treats his female co-workers with dignity and respect, unlike some of the less moral characters.

There is the occasional kiss, as well as sexual humor, and unwanted flirting/ogling played for laughs. Casual sex is part of the lifestyle of some characters. Some women wear revealing clothes. The topic of homosexuality also comes up several times.

Several characters do not share Mr. Iglesias’s views on the world and are disrespectful towards those around them, putting their wants and needs repeatedly over others. This is written to be comedic, however, and not meant to be seen as positive behavior.

While there are positive elements in the show, the humor is heavily reliant on politics, and sex (as well as pop culture references that would likely go over younger viewers’ heads). These elements overwhelm the heartwarming moments, and make the show far less enjoyable to watch. For those looking for clean comedy, or a less politically charged sitcom, MR. IGLESIAS is not the best show for you.

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