Jack Black Invites Movieguide® to Holiday Party

Jack Black and the folks at Millennium Studios, the studio behind Jack’s Golden Globe nominated performance in BERNIE, invited the staff of Movieguide® to their holiday party Thursday at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills celebrating his nomination.

Jack did a tremendous job in BERNIE, a very funny but dark movie that exhibits a great deal of respect for Jesus Christ and religious faith, although the main character at one point goes off the deep end.

Even so, it surprised Ted Baehr, Tom Snyder, Evy Baehr, and Peter Moorman when they found themselves in a room full of terrific actors and very few press.

Jane Seymour was happy to reconnect with Movieguide® after hosting the awards a couple years ago.

Amazingly, Jack Black was open, friendly, gracious, and communicative. This is not the image you get about Jack Black from some of the news about his views on true faith and religion. Having come from the same anti-faith view, Dr. Baehr observes no one is beyond God’s love.

Avi Lerner, co-chairman of Millennium and producer of more than 250 movies, greeted Movieguide® and the other guests as he walked around the room.

Other actors Movieguide® spoke with at the party included Michael Nouri of NCIS, the most popular drama on TV and a nominee at the 20th Annual Movieguide® Faith & Values Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry; Bruce McGill from the Movieguide® Award winning movies LINCOLN, UNCONDITIONAL, FOR GREATER GLORY, CINDERELLA MAN, and COLLATERAL; Ron Perlman of SONS OF ANARCHY on TV, the HELLBOY movies, TANGLED, TITAN A.E., and the upcoming PINOCCHIO and PACIFIC RIM; and, Dick Miller, co-star of GREMLINS and a host of old Roger Corman movies such as LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS and A BUCKET OF BLOOD plus many TV episodes and movies and his wife.

– Source:  Movieguide®, www.movieguide.org, 12/21/12.

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