Jim Gaffigan Opens Up About Parenting: ‘Wonderful And Really, Really Hard’

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Jim Gaffigan Opens Up About Parenting: ‘Wonderful And Really, Really Hard’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Comedian Jim Gaffigan is sharing his thoughts on the “wonderful and really, really hard” sides of parenting his five children. 

Gaffigan and wife Jeannie are parents to five kids — Marre, 18, Jack, 16, Katie, 13, Michael, 11, and Patrick, 10.

He calls the experience of parenting the large brood “terrifying,” adding, “What no one tells you is that when they get older, it gets so much harder. It’s just a different type of hard.”

Gaffigan shared that the most frustrating part of parenting his kids is not “being able to communicate some of the things that I might have learned in a way where they might hear it.”

However, he also sees plenty of good things about raising his large family. 

“I know that it sounds corny, but as an adult you recognize how valuable it is to have something to be passionate about, to pour your energy into,” Gaffigan explained. “That’s the guaranteed layup for me, knowing that they have a passion so they’re not going to be lost.”

​​Movieguide® previously reported on Gaffigan’s large family:

Gaffigan has made fatherhood a major part of his stand-up comedy, talking about children’s quirks and the highs and lows of being a parent. 

“Negotiation seems to be the predominant form of communication in my daily dealings with my children,” he joked. “‘Dad, if I take a bath, can I watch a movie?’ ‘What do I get if I clear the table?’ I’m always on the losing end of the arbitration. I’m sure that sons and daughters have bargained with their fathers and mothers throughout the centuries. I wonder if Jesus negotiated with God about some of the stuff he had to go through. Or with Mary and Joseph about his bedtime.”

Gaffigan also talks about how difficult bringing young children to church can be: “On Sundays, Jeannie and I haul everybody to church. Even though it’s virtually impossible to get a young child to sit still for long….we believe that the practice and exposure will benefit them, even if they are too young to understand.”

“At the core of my being I find it a relief to know that I’m not in charge,” he joked. “And dropping by church by myself, I think I’ve heard God say, ‘Thanks for not bringing your kids this time. It’s a little quieter.’”

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