Jon Voight and Sean Feucht Call Americans to Stand Up For Their Freedoms

Photo from Sean Feucht’s Instagram

Jon Voight and Sean Feucht Call American’s to Stand Up For Their Freedoms

By Movieguide® Staff

Christian actor Jon Voight teamed up with conservative worship leader Sean Feucht to discuss what National Religious Freedom Day means for Americans in 2021.

“I think about freedom as this amazing thing that God created this world and all of us humans and He gave us freedom,” Voight said regarding the celebration earlier this January.

The Academy-Award winning actor noted that while freedom is a gift, it requires responsible stewardship.

“If I was advising God, I’d say ‘wait a minute,'” Voight joked. “It’s the greatest gift we have and the freedom of religion is why this country became what it is.”

However, Voight and Feucht noted the importance of recognizing and celebrating freedom in an era where “freedom is being questioned.”

Feucht, whose health mandate-defying Christian gatherings have led to controversy, went on to share with Voight how his many citations are an attack on freedom.

“Here in Beverly Hills, in the Los Angeles area is where we received our first-ever citation. [We’ve had] actually three citations from Los Angeles County for actually engaging in our freedom,” Feucht said. “Engaging in our freedom of religion, gathering people to worship gather people to pray outside, by the way.”

Feucht, 37, asked the 82-year-old star whether he thinks Americans’ freedoms are attacked more now than in the past.

“Well, certainly there’s been an attack,” Voight responded. “This country has been under attack by an atheist force, which started with the KGB and then it went on to others, but this is an atheist force.”

Voight continued to encourage people to stand up for what they believe: “So we have to stand up. We have to be as bold as you are and carry on and not give in to this, but we also have to know that in this journey, this is what we’re meant to do. We can have a lot of fun, and we’ll make a lot of great friends along the way.”

Feucht echoed Voight’s observations and also let audiences know about future gatherings meant to preserve freedom.

“We got to hold the line, we got to take a stand and that’s what we’re going to do, we’ll have a lot more amazing shows, they’re going to be fun, full of joy, but yet all at the same time have some teeth to it,” Feucht said.

Watch the video to see their full discussion.


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