How Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt Teaches Her Daughters to Value Timeless Beauty

Photo from Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt’s Instagram

How Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt Teaches Her Daughters to Value Timeless Beauty

By Movieguide® Contributor

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt is drawing inspiration from her own mother, Maria Shriver, as she embraces timeless fashion and beauty rather than jumping on hot trends.

“I think when it comes to fashion, I have grown up watching my mom have this natural beauty, this timeless fashion that I feel like is not as popular now,” Schwarzenegger Pratt told PEOPLE. “It seems like everything is like a trend or a moment, and I look back on something that my mom wore when I was little and it’s something that I would still wear today.”

She shares daughters Lyla, 3, and Eloise, 1, with actor Chris Pratt.

Schwarzenegger Pratt’s decision to follow her mom’s style with her own daughters has been made easier by her mom’s choice to save all the clothes she wore growing up.

“To be able to now have my girls wear those clothes and to have them still be in style and of the moment, it’s such a cool thing to be able to [see],” she said. “I send my daughter to preschool in the outfits that I used to wear to preschool.”

She also focuses on teaching her daughters to feel comfortable whether they are all dressed up or not. Learning how to be comfortable in her own skin is a lesson Schwarzenegger Pratt is thankful to have learned from her mom, and she now wants to impart it to her daughters.

“It’s something I’m really mindful of now having daughters of how we speak to ourselves, what we wear, how we have fun, how we play with makeup, play with our hair, all the different things that I want them to enjoy about life and about being young girls,” she said.

“And also to be able to love their natural beauty and know that they’re beautiful inside and out and be comfortable in their own skin,” she added. “That’s a huge gift my mom gave me that I feel like transfers over from beauty to fashion.”

Shriver inspired Schwarzenegger Pratt’s desire to be a mom in the first place.

“I always knew I wanted to be a mother and I have learned pretty much everything from my mom. She’s the most loving, attentive, present, and perfect mother. I hope I can be like her,” she told TZR.

Another family tradition Schwarzenegger Pratt is carrying on is family dinners.

“When we were growing up, we had family dinner every single night,” she told TODAY.

Her husband added, “It’s really special. Kids are there and everyone’s engaged in meaningful conversation.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt and Maria Shriver are opening up about navigating their new relationship as mother and grandmother. 

“My mom and I are incredibly close,” Schwarzenegger Pratt told TODAY.com, explaining that she wants to raise her children exactly like she was raised. 

She shares daughters Lyla, 3, and Eloise, 1, with husband Chris Pratt, and is also stepmother to Pratt’s son Jack. 

Schwarzenegger Pratt and Shriver have now teamed up for THE GRANDMOTHER PROJECT, a new series that will see them talking to other celebrity mother-daughter pairs about the challenges of working together to raise kids. THE GRANDMOTHER PROJECT is part of Schwarzenegger Pratt’s “BDA Baby” Instagram series.

“We saw all these people experiencing the ups and downs of their new roles in life and not talking about it,” Schwarzenegger Pratt explained.

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