Kelsey Grammar Shares How John Mahoney Became His Father

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Kelsey Grammar Shares How John Mahoney Became His Father

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a new interview with Deadline’s “The Actor’s Side,” Pete Hammond is joined with Teddy Bear® award winner, Kelsey Grammer (JESUS REVOLUTION).

Grammer begins to talk about his role in the reprised series FRASIER, but more importantly Grammer discussed the role John Mahoney played in Grammer’s life.

Mahoney played Frasier’s father in the original series from 1993-2004. The reboot played tribute to Mahoney in one of the first episodes of its return.

“When John died I had a call from one of the press people I work with who said, ‘You know, people are upset you haven’t posted something,'” Grammer said. “I don’t post my grief. I mean I don’t. I don’t do that but he said, ‘Can you put something on.’

“I just said he was my father,” Grammer revealed. “That was a real true statement in a lot of ways because he was my practice father. The one I knew. I mean I didn’t really know my dad and he died when I was fairly young but even before that I barely knew him and so John was my functional Father.”

Grammer went on to say how he adored how much him and Mahoney’s relationship grew.

“I got to explore the relationship a man might have with his father as a grown man,” Grammer said. “It was a luxury I always thought. I got to learn some lessons that maybe I wouldn’t have known otherwise.”

When Grammer was a child and experienced tragedy, like the death of his father, he began to “curse God.”

Movieguide® reported:

“I would walk kind of hand in hand with the idea of God’s Word, and God, and Jesus, and stuff like that,” Grammer said of his childhood faith. “And then, of course, I had some very difficult things happened in my life. And I went through the classic—I cursed God and said, ‘No, thanks. I don’t need your help. I’d rather just handle this alone if this is the way it’s going to be.’”

Grammer eventually realized that God wasn’t to blame for his trials and still walks with Him today.

“And eventually, I just kind of got back on track and met, re-met Jesus, I guess you could say, and I carry Him with me, and it’s been a great thing,” he said.

Per Deadline, “Frasier’s new incarnation as a Paramount+ series in which Dr. Crane returns to Boston with a new life and a new set of supporting characters. The series is in production now for a second season.”

“In addition to Grammer, the new series stars Jack Cutmore-Scott as Frasier’s son, Freddy; Nicholas Lyndhurst as Frasier’s old college buddy turned university professor, Alan; Toks Olagundoye as Alan’s colleague and head of the university psychology department, Olivia; Jess Salgueiro as Freddy’s roommate, Eve; and Anders Keith as Frasier’s nephew, David,” Paramount+ wrote in the series bio.

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