Kevin Sorbo Finishes Filming His Newest Faith-Based Movie


Kevin Sorbo Finishes Filming His Newest Faith-Based Movie

Kevin Sorbo has finished filming on his newest faith movie, LET THERE BE LIGHT, which was co-written by Kevin’s wife, Sam, who has a popular radio show.

In an interview, Sam said the movie’s script was inspired by the question, “I wonder what would happen if the world’s greatest atheist had a come-to-Jesus moment?”

LET THERE BE LIGHT wrapped production recently in Birmingham, Alabama, which will substitute for New York and Connecticut. Kevin starred in the hit faith-based movie GOD’S NOT DEAD, which earned $60 million, one of the most successful independent movies of all time.

“From a business perspective,” Sam said, “if you do the right faith-based movie, you’re going to reach a lot of people.”

She added that her husband’s appearance in GOD’S NOT DEAD has had a tremendous effect on the people who saw it.

In one incident, a woman at the airport approached Kevin asking, “Are you the star of GOD’S NOT DEAD?” He replied, “I am.”’ She said, “That movie changed my life. I was a Muslim, but I just became a Christian. I just got baptized with my daughter.”

Hoping that LET THERE BE LIGHT will have the same impact GOD’S NOT DEAD did, Sam said it’s important to keep the movie “spiritually uplifting” and “made respectfully,” citing NOAH as an example of what not to do when targeting the Christian audience.

LET THERE BE LIGHT is expected to hit theaters in December 2017.

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