Kirk Cameron Reaches Day 60 of American Campfire Revival: ‘Love Your Neighbor’

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Kirk Cameron Reaches Day 60 of American Campfire Revival: ‘Love Your Neighbor’

By Movieguide® Staff

At the beginning of 2021, outspoken Christian, actor, and producer Kirk Cameron announced his 100-day plan called “American Campfire Revival,” where he prays for the restoration of our country.

On his 60th night of prayer and discussion, Cameron focussed on Luke 10 and the good Samaritan story.

“He said, love God with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength and I’m paraphrasing right now, and love your neighbor as yourself. And then, someone asked Jesus, ‘well, wait a minute, we should love God but what about my neighbor? Who are you talking about when you say my neighbor, who exactly is my neighbor?’ And then Jesus told him this story,” Cameron explained.

“It’s the story of the Good Samaritan,” Cameron continued. “The Jewish people who were asking Jesus this question, ‘who’s my neighbor?’ those people would have hated the Samaritan, because Jews and Samaritans, they didn’t get along… Jesus turned to those people who asked him the question, and said, now you tell me who was the loving neighbor.. And they said the obvious answer, it was the man who showed mercy to that poor bloodied beaten, naked traveler. And Jesus said, Go do likewise.”

Cameron said that this represents a striking picture of how Christians should love their neighbor in 2021.

“When Jesus was asked what does it mean to love your neighbor, you and I might come up with a lot of descriptions of what that might look like: we could say nice things to them, we could maybe give them some money, we could write them a card, we could visit them. But what Jesus said it looks like, it was awkward for that Samaritan to help that man, he was naked… It was inconvenient. He had to go out of his way and stop whatever he had planned to do to help this man… It was also Gross The man was bloody. He was beaten, he no doubt, was very unclean, not just religiously unclean as a Samaritan, but physically filthy, and it was expensive.”

Cameron confessed that the story is convicting and should inspire Christians to exercise their faith courageously.

“I find that to be inspiring and simultaneously convicting,” Cameron said. “It’s easy to love people who love us, it’s easy to love people who make us feel good who think like we do, but what about the people who don’t line up with our values, or our religion?”

He concluded: “In doing so, it might really demonstrate the goodness the kindness and the power of God that is alive inside of your heart. If a person’s coming to your mind right now, if the Lord is, is bringing someone to mind. Don’t wait. Do it. See what happens. Love them. That’s what I’m gonna be thinking about tonight.”

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