Lucas Black: ‘Jesus Is My Example of Masculinity’

Photo from Lucas Black’s Instagram

Lucas Black: ‘Jesus Is My Example of Masculinity’

By Movieguide® Contributor 

Hollywood star Lucas Black recently shared on his Instagram an uplifting message for Easter Sunday.  

The LEGACY PEAK star stated that he was reading in John chapter 19, and he noticed the different masculine traits that Jesus displayed. 

“I can’t help but to notice the masculine traits that Jesus displayed during his death. First, he took on the sin of the whole world to cleanse us from our sin and took the responsibility for all of us. A debt that we could not pay,” he stated.

He then described that Jesus had to carry his own cross to his death. Next he touched on that while Jesus was on the cross, he looked down and saw His mother and beloved disciple, John.  

“While he was there, suffering and hanging on the cross, he looks down and sees his mother and sees John, the most beloved disciple, and says, ‘Woman. Here is your son, John here is your mother,’ and it says from that time on this disciple took her into his home. John took care of Jesus’ mother, but while he was suffering, he made sure that what was taken place was serving others. What an amazing display of masculinity,” he added. 

In addition, Black captioned the post, “Jesus is my example of masculinity. He took on His God given responsibility. Jesus confronted evil and saved us all. He conquered death. He displayed an undeserving amount of grace while pointing us to the Truth. I hope y’all have a blessed Easter!”  

Movieguide® recently reported on Black and his family:  

Actor Lucas Black, best known for his role in FAST & FURIOUS and NCIS, recently opened up about how he fought for truth in a hostile Hollywood landscape. 

The Christian actor left the popular show NCIS: NEW ORLEANS in 2019 after he felt like they attacked what he believed. 

“The Holy Spirit was nudging me to speak up at some of the things that were trying to be implemented on the show, to really fight for what is true,” Black said on a recent episode of THE PRODIGAL STORIES PODCAST. “Some of the Hollywood agendas, the attack on the family or the attack on law enforcement … to really step up and try to be a voice to really fight against that agenda.” 

“That’s kind of my journey; it’s been great,” Black said of his 2015 rededication to faith. “In ‘New Orleans,’ I felt like God moved in a big way, not only in my life but in my wife’s life as well and our whole family. So, you know, we just look to Him for answers and we just seek Him whenever we need help and just thank Him for how He’s carried us through our lives.” 


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