Making Jesus Lord of Hollywood Requires Making Jesus Your Lord


Making Jesus Lord of Hollywood Requires Making Jesus Your Lord

By David Outten, IT Editor


When you think of “Hollywood,” you probably don’t think of an industry out to glorify God and share the Gospel. You think of ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, a pagan lifestyle, and, even, hostility to Christianity.

How can that be changed?

Obviously, if the people that make up what Americans calls “Hollywood” would all accept Jesus Christ as Lord, and live accordingly, Hollywood would change. This would be wonderful, but unlikely. Some people in Hollywood are Christian and some are becoming Christians, but the industry as a whole is very diverse.

So, how do you bring about change?

The entertainment industry exists to make a profit from providing entertainment. It makes a profit when people watch programs sponsored by advertisers, and when people buy tickets, DVDs and media downloads. If people continue to buy what Hollywood wants to make, they’re happy. The CEOs of the major corporations get their multi-million dollar salaries and merrily make products laced with vulgarity, sex and violence.

If Americans absolutely quit watching or buying ANYTHING with vulgarity, what would happen

The studios would have some HUGE flops. They’d lose money. The bulk of their massive film libraries would be worthless. Advertisers would quit sponsoring programs with no audience. The CEOs being paid millions of dollars would quickly attempt to figure out what happened. Their jobs and salaries would be on the line. Their company’s survival would be at stake.

Suddenly, you’d get a lot of vulgarity-free movies and television. Quentin Tarantino would find it very hard to get distribution for his movies.

If a studio head hated morality so badly that he refused to change, his studio would bankrupt. His company might be replaced in the market by a new corporation headed by someone who loves God and wishes to specialize in clean, family-friendly entertainment.

The problem is that professing Christians continue to watch and buy profoundly immoral entertainment. More than 70 percent of Americans claim Christianity. If just 70 percent of Americans rejected all entertainment with vulgarity, the major studios would have to change or become minor studios. ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX would change or die almost instantly.

Those in the media who are producing content that is hostile to Christian faith and values only keep their jobs because many professing Christians help pay their salaries.

It’s obvious that the church is losing a lot of America’s youth. It’s even losing some of the elderly, but its greatest loss is that many of the people still attending church have surrendered their values to Hollywood. They go listen to a sermon on Sunday and watch THE BACHELORETTE on Monday, to learn which of the men she’s slept with that she’ll present a rose. According to Josh McDowell, 60 percent of the men in pews go home and hunt for pornography (

Christians outraged by the Supreme Court decision on homosexual marriage need only look at how many professing Christians watch MODERN FAMILY. The program is a commercial for supporting same-sex marriage, but millions of professing Christians bought the product. Consequently, recent polls show growing support among professing Christians for same-sex marriage.

If you’d like to see Jesus Christ made Lord of Hollywood, He first needs to be made Lord of professing Christians.

Imagine Jesus Christ sitting beside you on the couch. You select a program. You say, “Jesus, watch this.” Would you show Jesus some DANCING WITH THE STARS judge saying, “That was the sexiest dance I’ve ever seen.” Would you show Jesus a news program about, “Bruce Jenner concluding that God gave him the wrong sex organs?” What, on ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX, would you be proud to show him? Anything?

If 70 percent of Americans turned off their television every time someone sought to make sexual immorality a civil right, the major networks would change or collapse. This would not be “Christians being hateful.” It would be Christians making Christian consumer choices. It would be mothers saying, “I don’t want my child to acquire HIV.” It would be fathers saying, “I don’t want my daughter to have to be a sex object.” It would be grandparents saying, “I hope my grandsons will grow up to be responsible fathers, not sex crazed animals.”

For decades, Christians have gone to church and heard 2 Chronicles 7:14:

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

A wicked media choice is a “wicked way.”

If the 70 percent of Americans who answer surveys that they’re “Christian” quit watching THE BACHELOR, what do you think would happen? It they quit watching MODERN FAMILY and EMPIRE, what would happen? If they quit watching ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX News, what do you think would happen?

God would “heal the land.”

The miracle America needs is for those “called by my name” to make Jesus Christ the Lord of their entertainment choices.

America was not made a “Christian nation” by government decree. It is, or is not, a Christian nation based on the beliefs and behavior of Americans. If Americans elect godless politicians, they’ll get godless government, including godless public schools. If they choose godless entertainment, they’ll get more and more godless entertainment. God has said, “I will heal your land,” IF you choose righteousness.

Jesus Christ will just naturally become Lord of Hollywood when Jesus Christ becomes Lord of America’s Christians.


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