Merritt Patterson, Christopher Russell Join Great American Christmas Lineup

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Merritt Patterson, Christopher Russell Join Great American Christmas Lineup

By Movieguide® Contributor

Merritt Patterson and Christopher Russell have joined this year’s Great American Christmas crew with their upcoming movie, A VINTAGE CHRISTMAS.

“This Christmas season, Great American Family is once again assembling the most high-profile talent that is sure to delight viewers,” said Bill Abbot, the CEO of Great American Media. “Familiar faces like Merritt Patterson and Christopher Russell, are a big reason Great American Christmas has become so popular, so fast.”

“In A VINTAGE CHRISTMAS, Tessa (Patterson) is a dedicated historian and preservationist in her hometown of Oak Creek, and an old-fashioned and passionate protector of the nostalgic,” a description of the movie reads. “Sparks fly when a business developer, Noah (Russell) arrives in Oak Creek with plans to tear down an abandoned Post Office and replace it with a sleek, modern office complex. There are internal and external struggles among many in the community to arrive at a solution that serves the greater good for all concerned. As the clock ticks toward Christmas, the race to settle the dispute through concessions and compromise is on.”

Patterson’s breakout role came on the TV show THE ROYALS in 2015. Since then, she has starred in numerous holiday movies including CHRISTMAS AT THE PALACE and ‘TWAS THE TEXT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Russell, meanwhile, also has several Christmas movies under his belt, including A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS, PEPPERMINT AND POSTCARDS and THE MOST COLORFUL TIME OF THE YEAR.

Patterson and Russell’s addition to this year’s Great American Christmas lineup continues to grow an already stellar schedule full of major Hollywood icons. Mario Lopez was brought on to headline the event and star in a new movie alongside his wife, Courtney. Other stars with projects in the works include Candace Cameron Bure, Danica McKellar, Jill Wagner, Jen Lilley and Trevor Donovan.

Movieguide® previously reported:

The Lopezs are joining the Great American Family crew with an upcoming Christmas Movie, MY GROWN-UP CHRISTMAS WISH, featuring Mario and Courtney Lopez along with their son Dominic.

“We could not have imagined better creative partners to join our Great American team than Mario and Courtney Lopes,” said Bill Abbott, President and CEO of Great American Media. “Mario and Courtney and the team around them are creative collaborators and absolutely devoted to telling stories that bring families together. The partnership is a Christmas wish come true for our company.”

MY GROWN-UP CHRISTMAS WISH follows Mario Lopez’s character, Brian, as the mayor of Long Grove, a small, idyllic community.

“While decorating for Christmas with the residents, Brian discovers his childhood Christmas wish list which magically begins to come true, reminding Brian about the spirit and joy of the holiday,” the movie’s description reads, per Deadline. “Returning to town for Christmas is Brian’s childhood friend Nina Meyers (Courtney Lopez), and soon a connection becomes undeniable as she helps Brian face a new challenge for the town. As Brian’s wishes come true, he inspires the town to showcase its warm culture and values in order to stop the modern world from stifling the charm and heart of Long Grove.”

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